Let’s go out at night! 5 Selected Night Spots in Tokyo

There are a countless number of night spots in the sleepless city of Tokyo. Here are 5 selected popular spots for foreign tourists.

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Oiran were top-level courtesans, and were once so powerful they even influenced the government. SHIBUYA OIRAN is a bar/restaurant that has taken the fashionable side of oiran as its theme. The interior is colored red and pink, and food and drinks can be enjoyed while listening to the relaxing music through their special sound system. The original cocktails they offer are interesting, as Japanese sake and shochu are often used in the base. A light snack is as reasonably priced as 500 JPY. The first floor is a casual standing bar, and the second floor is a restaurant area with DJ booth. SHIBUYA OIRAN turns into a club on Saturdays and public holidays. It is the perfect place to visit as a warm-up to begin the night, or a place to relax and spend the late night hours.

2. Burlesque TOKYO

Burlesque TOKYO is the go-to show club in Roppongi. Burlesque is a sensual variety show parodying literary works, and is popular in films and musicals. If you open the two-layered doors at Burlesque TOKYO, you will glimpse for yourself the world of burlesque. The stage, filled with sexy and enchanting dancers with fabulous costumes, is outstanding. There are three available show times: 7:20 pm, 9:20 pm, and 11:20 pm (70 min sessions). You may also have interesting conversation with the dancers when they are off stage. Customers come from all walks of life, and include female customers as Burlesque TOKYO has a welcoming atmosphere for ladies. If you are seeking an exciting, extraordinary night this is the perfect place. Fees are charged at 5,000 JPY per hour, and after one hour are automatically upgraded to “free time,” which can be up to 9,000 JPY (excl. tax and service fee).

3. Shinjuku Batting Center

Kabukicho in Shinjuku is one of the most famous downtown areas in Japan. Shinjuku Batting Center, in the heart of a neon city, offers a vigorous playground every day until 4:00 am. There are 12 batters’ boxes (three of which offer LED digital screens, and one of which is for the strikeout game), available from beginner to advanced level. The ball speed varies from 70km/h to 130km/h, to suit each level. The price is 300 JPY for 26 balls (22 for the box with LED screen), which is very cheap. Additionally, if you are signed as a member you can use a professional model bat, an opportunity baseball fans won’t want to miss. Gloves and shoes are available to use for free, so you can visit Shinjuku Batting Center without prior planning. Why not come and swing a bat as a fun exercise before or after dinner?

4. Marble Lounge

Marble Lounge, in the famous Hilton Tokyo Hotel, is a place for those looking for a luxurious and indulging time. This is a restaurant in a spacious atrium-style lobby. The famous dinner buffet can be enjoyed (5,000 JPY per adult on weekdays (excl. tax and service fee)), prepared by their first-class chef. Although only the a la carte menu is available after 9:00 pm, this lounge is the first hotel lounge in Tokyo to provide a 24-hour dining service. Spending a quiet time at Marble Lounge is an excellent idea, as you can experience high-standard service and the food of a top-quality hotel.

5. ageHa

AgeHa, located in Shin-Kiba, is one of the biggest clubs in Japan. This is a night club with an international reputation,and has placed in world rankings for their world-class sound and lighting systems as well as their huge space. As famous DJs from around the world occasionally perform at this club, there are also many foreign tourists among their customers. The floors are broken into the Arena, Island, Water, and Box sections, and there is also a food court. The styles of music commonly played in this club are hip-hop, techno, and EDM. Arena, the main floor, characteristically plays music that is easy to dance to and is an awesome environment for those who love clubbing. Although it is a little outside the central city, ageHa can be reached within half an hour by a free shuttle bus available from Shibuya. This club does not allow entry to people aged under 20 years old, so please do not forget to bring your ID.

There are many options for how to spend a night in Tokyo, whether you like to have a quiet time or to party.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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