Must Try Japanese Hot Springs! 6 Selected Hot Springs in Tokyo

For many visitors to Japan, one of the things that are most looked forward to, would be taking a hot spring bath. Do you know that hot springs can be found, not only in rural areas, but also in Tokyo and its surrounding areas? Here is a list of hot spring baths in Tokyo and its surrounding areas.

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1. Nagominoyu

A natural hot spring, Nagominoyu. You can enjoy several baths such as an open-air bath, a cypress bath which is a typical traditional Japanese bathtub, a carbonated bath, a Jacuzzi and so on. In the male bathroom, there is also a so called Tsuboyu, with a bathtub made of Shigaraki-ware (a type of pottery made mainly in Shigaraki, Koga city, Shiga) and you can enjoy a relaxing bath-time alone in this small pot.
In addition to the hot spring baths, you can refresh yourself by massage service, sauna and a bedrock bath. There is also a dining room within the building, so you can relax and refresh yourself from the weariness of your journey.

2. Suigetsu Hotel Ohgaisou

Suigetsu Hotel Ohgaisou, a hotel with a hot spring bath, is located where a representative Japanese literary figure, Ohgai Mori (1862-1922)'s former house is preserved. This hot spring was the first hot spring in Tokyo to be certified as a natural hot spring and has its long history. You can enjoy bathing in a natural marble bathtub and a lacquering cypress bath. Apart from overnight stays, the hotel offers several one day options including bathing only plans (1,650 JPY/ and an option in which you can enjoy both bathing and a meal in a Japanese room (from 8,220 JPY/ It might be a nice idea to choose a one day visit option and to have a relaxing lunch break!

3. Folk Tales Inn-Arasawa Ryokan

Arasawa Ryokan is a hot spring inn located in a rich natural environment between the Tama River and the Nippara River. This bath uses the hot spring water supplied from Tsurunoyu hot spring, a distinguished hot spring with a related folk tale passed down. It has been told that an injured crane healed its wounds with the water from the hot springs and flew away into the sky once more. The ryokan has 2 kinds of baths, but both of them are private baths, so family members can enjoy a relaxing bath time together.
In this ryokan, guests can sit around the irori and enjoy listening to folk tales told by the story tellers. Irori is a traditional Japanese heating appliance and is heated by burning charcoal in the square space on the floor. Get yourself warm and be entertained by the folk tales, take a hot spring bath and fully enjoy the delicious Okutama river fish dishes.

3. Folk Tales Inn-Arasawa Ryokan


OOEDO-ONSEN MONOGATARI is an Onsen theme park located within a sightseeing area, Odaiba. It's close to the center of Tokyo, so you can just stop by for a break during your sightseeing in Tokyo. The atmosphere of the facilities decorated like an old Japanese town is very popular among visitors from foreign countries too.
There are is an open-air bath and a sauna within the large common bath and also private open-air baths. It's ideal for couples and families to come and have a relaxing time. There are also facilities like a foot bath and a bedrock bath, so you can choose your favorite bath to refresh yourself. The restaurants serve not only noodles and nibbles for alcohol drinks but also sweets too.


5. Toshimaen Niwanoyu

Toshimaen Niwanoyu is a public hot spring bathhouse located next to a calm Japanese garden covering an area of about 4,000 square meters. You can have a relaxing bath time while enjoying the spectacular Japanese garden with greens and flowers in season.
There are 3 areas, male only area, female only area and male and female mixed area (swimsuit required), so it's an ideal place to visit with your friends and families to enjoy the Japanese hot spring baths together. A bedrock bath, 3 kinds of saunas, massage service and beauty therapy are also available and you can refresh yourself for sure. After taking a bath, you can also enjoy your meal too.

6. Saya-no-Yudokoro

Saya-no-Yudokoro is a public hot spring bathhouse, which was originally an old Japanese style private house and was converted to a bathing facility in 2005. A traditional Japanese dry style moss garden in the premises together with the building creates a nostalgic atmosphere. The hot spring water is supplied directly from the hot spring well in the premises into the baths. The milky white hot spring water will surely help you refresh yourself.
The meals served are cooked with selected seasonal ingredients and the freshly kneaded soba noodles made with 100% domestic buckwheat (620 JPY/ is especially recommended.

6. Saya-no-Yudokoro

The hot spring bathing facilities listed here are all places within the Tokyo area, where you can enjoy authentic Japanese hot spring baths in a Japanese traditional atmosphere. Why not relax and ease your weariness of your journey at a hot spring, where you can also enjoy your meal?

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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