Don’t miss these places if you are visiting the Tokyo Skytree! 4 panoramic restaurants where you can enjoy the night view of Tokyo

Ever since its completion in May 2012, the Tokyo Skytree has been a highly popular sightseeing spot that receives countless visits. Here you will find a selection of panoramic restaurants from which you can enjoy the view of Tokyo by night from above - ideal to visit when you go see the Tokyo Skytree.

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At SKY RESTAURANT 634, located on the "Tembo deck" of the Tokyo Skytree(R), you can enjoy having a meal while enjoying the view from 345 meters above sea level. The concept of their food is "TOKYO CUISINE," a new kind of Japanese cuisine that results of the fusion of the spirit of the Edo period (1603 - 1867) and the elegance of French cuisine. The tableware use at the restaurant offers a modern design of local traditional handicrafts through which the skills of the artisans shine. Their dinner course meal starts at 12,960 JPY (tax included, service not included.) Wouldn't you love to enjoy a special time in this space that combines the traditional culture of Edo with the present of Tokyo?



The TOP of TREE LOUNGE is located on the 31st floor of Tokyo Solamachi, at the base of the Tokyo Skytree. Here not only you can enjoy a panoramic view of Tokyo by night through the glass windows that cover one of the walls entirely, but you can also see the powerful image of the Tokyo Skytree from a close distance. The lounge offers fusion cuisine with an Italian and French base. If you want to try a little bit of everything, we recommend the amuse-bouche assortment, which is served in a Skytree-shaped stand (2,800 JPY plus tax.) This stand, whose color changes at intervals, will surely give a gorgeous atmosphere to your table.

Yakiniku Sumi-ya

"Yakiniku Sumi-ya" is located at a 5 minute walk from the Tokyo Skytree. The owner, driven by his wish to provide his customers with delicious meat, offers only the highest quality A5 rank Yamagata, Yonezawa, and Obanazawa cattle beef. In addition, Sumi-ya is one of the very few yakiniku restaurants in Tokyo that offer "Yukifuri" beef, a specially high grade Obanazawa beef. Their popular "Narihira Course" (4,000 JPY per person, minimum order of two, tax not included) is a plentiful menu course that includes a salad and a soup besides grilled meat. This is a valuable restaurant where guests can enjoy a view of the Skytree from the window seats while they also enjoy the combination of the shitamachi atmosphere and modern Tokyo.

Skytree (R) View Lounge & Bar Ren

At "Skytree (R) View Lounge & Bar Ren," located on the top floor of Tobu Hotel Levant Tokyo, guests can enjoy high quality hospitality while they indulge in a panoramic view of the Skytree from a stylish space. The restaurant offers Japanese-style fusion cuisine that places special importance on the use of local ingredients. The bar and lounge offers an "Afternoon Tea" set during tea time for 2,150 JPY (tax and service not included.) It is open from lunch time to bar time, so guests can enjoy the changes in the view of Tokyo as time passes.

Skytree (R) View Lounge & Bar Ren

How did you like this selection? Here we introduced 5 panoramic restaurants that you should definitely include in your plans if you are going to visit the Tokyo Skytree, the newest sightseeing spot in Tokyo. The view of Tokyo from a height of more than 300 above sea level is just spectacular, and it will surely make for an unforgettable memory. Make sure you visit at least one of these restaurants!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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