Enjoy a New Light and Sound Sensation at the Epson Aqua Park Shinagawa Aquarium

About the Epson Aqua Park Shinagawa Aquarium, Tokyo. This Tokyo aquarium features a touch panel tank as well as a popular dolphin show.

What's Special about Epson Aqua Park Shinagawa?

Epson Aqua Park Shinagawa is an innovative new aquarium near Shinagawa Station, an easy-access hub for many of Tokyo's tourist spots that is a mere 10 minutes by train from Tokyo Station and 20 minutes from Haneda Airport.
Located within the premises of the Shinagawa Prince Hotel, just a 2 minute walk from Shinagawa Station’s Takanawaguchi exit, the aquarium reopened in July 2015 as a “Sensory Theme Park.”
Not content with simply presenting sea creatures in tanks as traditional aquariums do, the curators mesmerize visitors with a production full of sounds, lights and images.

Adult entry (high school age and over) costs 2,200 JPY. There are also discounts available for groups with over 15 members, although a fax application is required before entry, so be sure to visit the official website linked below. The site can be displayed in English, Chinese (both traditional and simplified) and also Korean.

The ground floor Coral Cafe bar

The aquarium is split into a ground floor and an upper floor. The ground floor is an attraction area with activities to enjoy including a cafe bar and a merry-go-round.
On the upper floor you can see non-marine animals including capybara and iguanas in the “Aqua Jungle,” and an impressive dolphin show in “The Stadium.”

What's Special about Epson Aqua Park Shinagawa?

The World's First Touch Panel Tank

The world's first touch panel-equipped fish tank is located in the Interlive Area within the ground floor's Magical Ground zone. Fitting the “Sensory Theme Park” moniker, simply touch the screen to feel like you are playing with the sea life swimming freely within the tank.
For example, swirl the fallen leaves with your finger and fish appear, or slide away the ink-black screen to reveal an octopus... There are a variety of things to see, enough to excite the inner child in even the most jaded adult visitor!
The world's only touch panel-equipped aquarium is something you can't afford to miss. Take a picture, upload to your favorite SNS and watch the likes roll in.

The Super Popular Dolphin Show

The centerpiece of the Epson Aqua Park Shinagawa aquarium is the dolphin show, taking place regularly in “The Stadium” on the second floor. The display changes with the season of course, and even the day/night productions are different.
The times and numbers of shows are set in advance, so it's recommended you select which one you wish to see before making the trip to avoid disappointment. The ticket price is included in the aquarium entry fee.

Details of the currently-running performances are as follows.

[Day version]
“Merry Merry Winter”
Term: Until April 10, 2016
Performances: A total of 4 times: 11:30am/1:00pm/2:30pm/4:00pm
*Times are subject to change starting April 1.
Content: The concept is of a lively festival, as the dolphins wow the crowd with their dynamic performance. As they leap through the water curtain in time to the music, clap along to feel like part of the show!

[Night version]
Term: Until April 10, 2016
Performances: A total of 2 times: 6:00pm/8:00pm
    *Times are liable to change starting April 1.
Content: The show's highlight is its beautiful aurora created by the multicolored water curtain. Compared to the dynamic day version, the night show is a more relaxed affair as you enjoy a peaceful moment watching the dolphins' dance performance.

■Location: 4-10-30, Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0074, Japan (inside the Shinagawa Prince Hotel)
■Operating hours: 10:00am through 10:00pm, (last entry at 9:00pm) *Operating hours are subject to change without prior notice.
■Admission fee: Adults (High school students or older) 2,200 JPY; Elementary/middle school students 1,200 JPY; young children (4 years old or over) 700 JPY
■Closed: never

Why not try the new sight and sound sensation on offer at Epson Aqua Park Shinagawa? You are sure to experience something a little different from a typical aquarium!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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