Fifth Anniversary! Best Souvenirs to Buy at Tokyo SKYTREE TOWN(R)

On May 22, Tokyo SKYTREE(R) celebrated its fifth anniversary since opening in 2012. Tokyo SKYTREE TOWN(R), which includes TOKYO Solamachi, had attracted approximately 180 million visitors by the end of March, 2016. We introduce the best selection of Tokyo souvenirs that can be bought at Tokyo SKYTREE TOWN(R), including items that can only be purchased during the fifth anniversary celebrations, in five categories.

<1> Get Tokyo SKYTREE TOWN(R) Goods Made in Collaboration with Famous Brands

If you want to get items that are unique to Tokyo SKYTREE, the collaborative products available in Tokyo Solamachi are recommended. There is a wide selection of items to choose from, including sweets, coffee, and even small items that are just 108 JPY each.

Tully's Coffee's TOKYO SKYTREETOWN(R) Tumbler (1,500 JPY), has a cute illustration of the SKYTREE with a bright blue sky. It comes with a ticket for a free drink.

KALDI Coffee Farm's Tokyo SKYTREE TOWN(R) Coffee 200g (750 JPY), is a blend of Brazilian Santos (S), Kenyan (K), and Yemeni (Y) coffee to spell out SKY. It is an aromatic coffee that has a light and fruity flavor.

Fève's Tokyo Solamachi Sablé (800 JPY for 8), are sablé cookies with the aroma of fermented butter from Hokkaido. The maple flavor version with brown cane sugar and walnuts is available only in the Solamachi store.

NATURAL KITCHEN sells natural everyday goods priced at 108 JPY each. It's perfect for buying little gifts to take home to all your friends. The recommended products are the limited offer masking tapes (108 JPY each) with understated designs of the tower.

Morozoff's Tokyo SKYTREE(R) Assorted Chocolates (includes 8 for 540 JPY) is 1/6600 the size of the real SKYTREE. The blue ones are yogurt-flavored, the white ones, white chocolate, and the pink ones, a sweet and sour raspberry flavor.

Gingembre Sirop de Ginza's sugar candies that look like stardust in SKYTREE-shaped bottles are Ginger Confetto Iki and Ginger Confetto Miyabi (540 JPY each). The white candies are ginger-flavored, the blue ones, Ramune (a soft drink), and the pink ones, strawberry. Once you've eaten them, you can use the bottles to decorate your room.

<2> "Wa" Japanese-Themed Innovative Products

There are many products that are perfect as Tokyo souvenirs such as limited-offer items and small items with a "wa" Japanese taste. Don't forget to check out the goods at the official store, including those with SKYTREE's official character, Sorakara-chan, as the motif.

The Daruma Mikuji Sky Color (432 JPY) sold at NIPPON-ICHI, is a 4cm Daruma doll with an omikuji fortune slip inside. There will be a sky-themed oracle, so when you've finished reading it, fill in the left eye to make a wish.

The only nanaco plus+ Nippon-no Ame (Japanese candies) project store in Tokyo is in Solamachi. Traditional handmade ame candies from around the country are made into accessories, such as the Pierced Ame Earring Kotsubu Temari (1,188 JPY). Each one is unique so it is fun picking out your favorites.

The Uchiwa Ame (600 JPY each) has beautiful designs and are perfect as Tokyo souvenirs. There are patterns that change by the season, as well as standards such as goldfish, so choose the one you like.

The Mamegui Solamachi Komon (540 JPY) is an approx. 27cm x 27cm tenugui hand towel with cute decorations of SKYTREE and polka dots in five colors. If you buy some sweets (starting at 388 JPY) with it, the store will wrap it for you in the tenugui as pictured.

Senjushuku Kitaya's Sora de Mochi (500 JPY for 3) is a new type of mochi sweet with beans cooked in honey blended into a dough made with mochi rice and egg whites. The texture is cloud-like, and feels like a Japanese-style marshmallow.

<3> Sorakara-chan Official Goods

The Tokyo SKYTREE Official Shop has a wide selection of original goods including those for the official character, Sorakara-chan. There are three shops, one each on the first floor, fifth floor, and Tembo Deck on the 345th floor. Each floor has a different lineup, so you may be able to find a rare item while strolling around.

A Sorakara-chan Face Cushion (3,086 JPY) will brighten up your room. It is just the right firmness and feels great to the touch, so is recommended as a pillow for napping.

The Sorakara-chan Giant Pocky (1,080 JPY each) can be identified by the packages that have Sorakara-chan illustrations related to the 12 zodiac signs. There are 18 of the 18cm-long Pocky sticks in each box, so it's perfect for sharing.

Each Sorakara-chan Initial Key Ring (972 JPY each) has a letter of the alphabet and a unique expression on Sorakara-chan's face. You can take the charm off and use it in a variety of ways.

Sorakara-chan Petite Cookies (515 JPY each) are cookies in the shape of Sorakara-chan's face and are available in plain, chocolate flavor, maple flavor, and tea flavor. Notice the cute package design that is different for each flavor.

<4> Five Year Anniversary Goods Available Only Now

Limited-offer anniversary products are being introduced one after another, including Sorakara-chan goods and items with the tower as the design. They can only be purchased now, so be sure to check them out.

Sorakara-chan Canister (1,050 JPY), is a popular souvenir with eight star-shaped chocolate crunches. The illustration on the canister depicts the celebratory mood of the fifth-year anniversary.

The Five-year Anniversary Chocolavion (1,080 JPY), a product made in collaboration with Shiseido Parlor, expresses the celebratory mood through the ribbon on the can. Inside are sweets with a great texture made by adding cookies and pralines to a chocolate that melts in the mouth.

The Fifth Anniversary Stained Glass Style Strap (3 colors, 972 JPY each) combine a translucent tower and fifth year anniversary logo charm. It comes with an earphone jack so you can put it on your smartphone to show it off.

<5>Goods with Motifs from the SKYTREE Uniform Designed by Akira Minagawa

Goods with motifs from the uniform designed by minä perhonen's Akira Minagawa have been introduced, including the Handkerchief (1,296 JPY). The handkerchief has the same pattern as the scarf, so you can use them together.

TOKYO Solamachi

1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

[This article was originally published in Walkerplus on 05.23.2017]

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