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Shibuya’s PARCO: Where Many of Tokyo’s Newest Stores in Fashion, Food, and More Gather

Shibuya is is one of Japan's trend-setting areas and is crowded daily with people who are up on the newest trends. Shibuya PARCO is the latest spot to open in this area, so here is a comprehensive guide to help you enjoy it!

What is Shibuya PARCO?

Shibuya PARCO is a shopping center with more than 190 shops that represent "fashion," "art & culture," "entertainment," and "technology". It is filled with trendy shops including ones by up-and-coming Japanese designers and restaurants serving the hottest foods. It is the newest spot to learn about the current trends in Japan.

Access: Around five minutes from the Hachiko Exit of JR Shibuya Station.

What is Shibuya PARCO?

15-1, Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Check out the Latest Fashion

The 1st to 5th floors are filled with fashion brands. Comme des Garçons Girl, an offshoot of the famous Japanese brand, Comme des Garçons, has opened its first independent store there, and there are many other boutiques by trendy designers. Shibuya PARCO houses boutiques representing a wide variety of fashion, ranging from luxury and high fashion to casual. This is a place to discover the latest names in fashion.

Experience Japanese pop culture and art

Meets by NADiff on the 4th Floor is a place to discover original items by highly creative artists and designers. HOBONICHI CultureN on the same floor introduces recommended events in a variety of fields including art, theater, music, and film. The 6th Floor is filled with shops to experience contemporary Japanese culture, such as anime, manga and games.

Play in the Nintendo Store

Nintendo is one of the leading companies in Japan's gaming industry. Its influence crosses generations and countries and it is today indispensable to the world of gaming. Nintendo opened its first official shop in Japan, Nintendo TOKYO, on the 6th Floor of Shibuya PARCO. It not only sells popular consoles, software and character goods, but also offers a variety of events and gaming experiences. It is a unique stores in which to experience the world of Nintendo.

Play in the Nintendo Store

Enjoy the Latest Food Trends

CHAOS KITCHEN, on the B1 Floor, houses 21 restaurants that offer music and culture together with food. It is filled with trendy restaurants including the first mall outlet of the popular udon noodle shop, Udon Oniyanma, which is worth lining up for, and Kushikatsu Arata, known for its unusual interior that depicts the world of kabuki.

Shop using the latest technology at PARCO CUBE

PARCO CUBE, on the 5th Floor, offers CUBE, a new service to experience the next generation of shopping. Shoppers who find items they want in one of the shops on the 5th Floor order them on the PARCO e-commerce site using one of the tablets provided and have them delivered to their homes. Why not experience the latest style of shopping there? The floor also has an area to try augmented reality (AR). Look through a smartphone or AR glasses to feel as if you have been transported into a magical world of art.

Be Sure to Check Out the Events!

The 10th Floor has a garden area surrounded by greenery and an indoor event space, Garden Stage. The event space offers a variety of events related to food, crafts, and music. Relax in the rooftop garden and try out the events as well.

How was it? Be sure to go to Shibuya PARCO to have the latest experiences!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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