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Buy Pet Goods in Japan for your Dogs & Cats Back at Home!

Do you have any cats or dogs eagerly awaiting your return home from Japan? I bet they deserve some wonderful souvenirs from your travels! In Japan, there are so many items to be found in various stores specializing in pet supplies. Let’s explore around and reward our pet’s good behavior with some great gifts!

1. Kawaii *Cute* Japanese Kimonos for Dogs

Wouldn’t your dog look so kawaii *cute* in a kimono? You can find such gifts in one of the many stores that specialize in pet goods. PET PARADISE is just one Japanese pet supply chain among many. They stock various kinds of fabulous clothes. It’s a great choice for dog lovers!

Look how *kawaii* they are in their ribbon yukatas! The yukata is a type of kimono worn in Japanese summertime. It may look complicated to put on, but don’t worry. Just use the two strips of Velcro on the underside and it’s ready! But of course, the yukata for humans isn’t this easy!

If you want to get the best fit for your little friend, remember to get their measurements before you come out to Japan; neck, waist, length and so on!


Yasukuni-dori Street Underground Walkway, Kabuki cho 1-chome, Shinjuku, Tokyo

2. Hilarious Dog Costumes for Halloween

Talking of attire for dogs, have you ever dressed yours up for Halloween? It’s well worth going out of your way to find some unique costumes here in Japan. The Yukatas we displayed above could make for some great costumes, but there’s a chance you could find something much more impressive!

PET PARADISE has a wide selection of different clothing products for dogs. It’s exciting trying to imagine how the outfits would look on them as you browse the products. You and your dog will most definitely have a wonderful time next Halloween!


Yasukuni-dori Street Underground Walkway, Kabuki cho 1-chome, Shinjuku, Tokyo

3. The Electronic Cat Teaser that Never Tires

With cats and especially kittens, you have probably noticed how much energy you exert when being their playmate. It can be exhausting! After a hard day’s work, you get home and are greeted by your feline friend; “You must play with me now, there’s no gettin’ out of it!”, and what choices do you have?

This product will definitely save you! “Jaretomo” (“the teasing friend” in Japanese). This product has a feather or furball that moves like it’s alive! And, the cherry on the top…? It never gets tiring! Ever! Take a peek at the clip below:


Shibuya Hikarie ShinQs 5F, 2−21−1, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

4. Stylish Cat Toy with Scratcher

Sometimes, certain pet goods can be too colorful to match your living room’s interior design. The “Nyancoroby” series has the answer to the problem with products that satisfy both the cat and the owner!

This round product has your cat chasing balls. It also has a scratcher in the middle. The body of the product is a natural brown color. This way it doesn’t stand out of place in the living room and will not cause discomfort to your eyes. Inside the groove are three balls; red and blue ones with bells inside, and a green one with catnip!

Other series in this collection does not disappoint either. Following the same concept, the products are all-natural brown color. Nyancoroby isn’t the only one on display in the store in Tokyo’s Kichijoji... There are plenty of others to check out too! Your living room won’t look a mess with any of these products!

If you would like to know more about any of their products before coming to Japan, try out their site:

garigari HP (English)

Necosekai (cat only select shop) Coppice KICHIJOJI

1chōme-11-5 Kichijōji Honchō, Musashino-shi, Tokyo

5. A Laundry Sponge that Collects Unwanted Fur

Even being a cat or dog lover (or both), their fur can sometimes be troublesome. It gets attached to clothes, but don’t give up just yet! This laundry sponge will save you a lot of effort!

This product named “Free Laundry” is made of specially-produced urethane foam and was made for businesses. It catches and ties up thin animal fur efficiently. The sponge itself is reusable, has no complicated instructions, and reduces your laundry time!

Free Laundry makes your washing time a breeze!

TOKYU HANDS Shibuya Store

12-18 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

The products I listed here are only a taste of what’s offered at pet supply stores in Japan. It’s my hope that you can find something for you and your pets to enjoy together and be a great memory of Japan.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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