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What is Shimojima, the Popular Store that Sells Everything from Wrapping Paper to Stationery?

Shimojima, a store for gifts and gift-wrapping products, sells everything from daily necessities to stationery. It is a popular store that has long been cherished by Japanese people, who love to make things by hand. Delve deep into the appeal of Shimojima!

What is Shimojima?

Shimojimais a popular shop that sells more than 100,000 different items including everything from gift-wrapping products such as wrapping paper, paper bags, string, and ribbon, to kitchen goods and stationery.
It has a wide selection of products including highly specialized items for shops and offices and generic items for everyday use. Their wide variety of products is exciting just to look at! At this store, you are sure to find that one item you were looking for.

What is Shimojima?

The Recommended Stores!

Shimojima has many branches around the country, starting with Tokyo and including Nagoya and Osaka. Here are some recommended branches to visit.

Asakusabashi Flagship Store

The flagship store in Asakusabashi, Tokyo, has a selection of approximately 65,000 products consisting primarily of items for gift wrapping and decoration. There is a Tax Free Counter on the 2nd floor.

Numerous different types of wrapping paper.

Asakusabashi Flagship Store

1-30-10 Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Asakusabashi-Ekimae Branch

The Asakusabashi-Ekimae branch, which is in the same area as the flagship store, centers on miscellaneous items popular among young people and women of all ages. This includes more than 1,800 different greeting cards and stickers, seasonal items, masking tape, and party goods. There is also a floor that sells only items that are 100 JPY or 300 JPY.

Cute and colorful masking tapes.

Asakusabashi-Ekimae Branch

1-18-10 Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Shinsaibashi Branch

The Shinsaibashi branch in Osaka is in Senba Shinsaibashisuji Shotengai, a shopping street hugely popular among foreign visitors. It sells stationery and miscellaneous goods specially chosen to meet the demands of foreign visitors. There is a Tax Free Counter on the 1st floor.

Erasers of various designs are popular among foreign visitors.

Shinsaibashi Branch

Honcho Minami Shimojima Bldg., 3-3-8 Kitakyuhoji-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Services for Foreign Visitors and Popular Products

Shimojima, which has been popular among foreign visitors over the past several years, offers a variety of services catered to foreigners.
In addition to hiring staff who speak English and Chinese*, product signs in the stores are written in multiple languages languages (English and Chinese)*. Some ranches other than those introduced above have Tax Free Counters* and accept China UnionPay cards.
Among the numerous products Shimojima sells, Japanese stationery is especially popular among foreign visitors. In particular, products such as erasable ballpoint pens that have good quality and functionality and are available in a variety of designs at reasonable prices are popular. Shimojima also has a wide selection of wrapping paper with Japanese patterns, as well as a variety of products that are uniquely Japanese, such as fans and tenugui towels.

*Not offered in some stores.

Much Much More! Shimojima's Appeal

Shimojima does not sell just gift-wrapping products and stationery! It also sells a variety of products that are rarely seen at regular stationery and wrapping goods stores and items that aren't even sold in 100 JPY stores, including suitcases, tumblers, and kitchenware such as kitchen knives. The variety of products you can get in a single visit is one of the secrets to Shimojima's popularity.

Disseminating Japanese Wrapping Techniques to the World

Some of the stores also hold regular gift-wrapping workshops. Currently, the workshops in Japan are held only in Japanese, but in the past, workshops have been held in overseas locations such as Shanghai. They are said to have been very popular as opportunities to learn not just basic techniques, but also intricate wrapping styles and different arrangements. Simple wrapping techniques are introduced on the official homepage, so check it out!

Shimojima is a place where you can discover a variety of different products, including items to give as souvenirs and practical items to use at the office or in a shop. Please drop in at one of their stores in between sightseeing.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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