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The Place to Go if You Are Buying Stationery in Tokyo! The Charms of Itoya

When it comes to stationery in Tokyo, look no further but the long-established stationery store in Ginza, Itoya. There are a lot of attractive items which will make you swoon. Itoya just reopened in 2015 after its renovation, and here are some of the charms of the main branch.

What is Itoya?

Itoya, located in Ginza is a long-established stationery store opened in 1904. It has been loved by a wide range of customers from locals to stationery geeks, with its modern atmosphere that is always one step ahead of the trends as well as an impressive variety of items. G. Itoya is the new main store reopened after its renovation in June 2015 and is an experimental stationery store. The other branch, K. Itoya, is located just behind the main store and opened in October 2012. K. Itoya is a hideaway for adults that offers a variety of pens, drawing materials, and globes. Both stores are fun and are sure to make you want to stay for a long time. The chances of you finding your favorite item are quite high.

※The top picture is of K. Itoya, the bottom is G. Itoya

What is Itoya?

2-7-15 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Each floor has its own theme

Each floor of G. Itoya has its own theme, and various stationery and items that match these themes are displayed there. A wide variety of items and chic displays unique to a stationery store will excite you even if you are just looking around.
HALL, the first basement floor, has a multipurpose hall where exhibitions and events are held. The Calendar Fair 2017 will be held there until Thursday, January 12th, 2017. The first floor is called GROUND. They have a greeting card area and an attached drink station that comes very handy when you are a bit thirsty. On the second floor LETTER, there are many greeting cards, papers, envelopes, and postcards. They also have an area called Write&Post where you can sit down and write a letter and you can even mail it right there. This is one of Itoya's unique charms.

The world of fountain pens where approximately 2,000 pens are displayed

At DESK on the third floor, there are approximately 2,000 fountain pens including classics, lacquered pens, and limited editions. They have a special area for the label Montblanc, famous for their luxurious fountain pens. This floor will definitely become the favorite floor for fountain pen fans. Those who are looking for their first fountain pen will definitely be able to find the one they like. They also have a pen-care room where they check the condition of the tip of your fountain pen and adjust it if needed (price varies according to the condition of the pen).

They have many handy items for daily life or travel!

The theme for the fourth floor is SCHEDULE. They offer various pocket notebooks, system notebooks, and diaries. On the fifth floor TRAVEL, there are many items which you will want to take on your trip! There are functional bags, leather items, book covers, and more. There are various items with ingenious designs.
On the sixth floor HOME, they display various items which might make your time at home more fulfilling, such as albums and photo frames suitable to showcase the memories from your trip. Time will fly by when you take a closer look at those goods.

Paper from around the world!

The seventh floor FINE PAPER is a floor for paper and colors. They divide the floor in three areas: color, purpose, and consultation. This floor was set up by Itoya and the paper specialist trading company Takeo, and they offer more than 1,000 types of paper in the area called Takeo Mihoncho at Itoya. On the eighth floor CRAFT, there are wrapping paper, crafts, origami paper, and Japanese paper. It is also recommended to purchase wrapping paper for your souvenirs here! You can also have a wrapping stylist wrap your items for you (at additional cost).

Indoor farm? You can also have a good time at the cafe!

On the tenth floor they have the BUSINESS LOUNGE, which includes a lounge and a showroom. Both require reservations to use.
On the eleventh floor FARM, you will be surprised upon your arrival! They actually grow lettuce indoors. That lettuce is used at CAFE Stylo on the twelfth floor CAFE. It is an American-style cafe where you can enjoy robust dishes such as a grilled vegetable sandwich as well as desserts like pancakes. This cafe is recommended for a relaxing break when you get tired.

Visit K. Itoya if you are looking for writing tools, notes, or drawing materials

After going through stationery at the main store G. Itoya, move to K. Itoya! They have picture frames, writing tools, notebooks, stationery, drawing materials, globes, and interior goods. Those who want to take a good look at pens, scissors and notebooks might like this store better than G. Itoya. The big globe on the sixth floor is also a must-see. Don't forget to check it out!

Ginza offers many attractions, and these stationery stores filled with fantastic items are definitely fun to see. Why not pick up some great stationery as your souvenir?

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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