5 Recommended Shops in Kichijoji, One of the Best Places to Live!

Kichijoji, which constantly ranks high among areas where people want to live, is home to a lot of fancy shops. Here are five recommended shops in the area.


1. Tsubame Märkt

Tsubame Märkt is a shop that carries antiques and brocante (beautiful secondhand stuff) goods that came from Europe. It primarily sells old miscellaneous goods, tools, tableware, toys and various other goods that were used in Europe between the latter half of the 1800s and the first half of the 1900s. You have to check out the uranium glasses they have there that up until now have only been handled at antique shops. Here, you will also get to learn about the different customs in Europe through such goods as wine glasses from France that are designed with images of horseshoes and lilies of the valley, which are symbols of happiness. Now, don’t you feel like holding wonderful items from the European culture that cherishes old stuff?

Tsubame Märkt

Tsubame Märkt


As seen on its logo, SAML.WALTZ carries tools/instruments, furniture, wares and other goods from the good old days. This shop has gained a reputation for its wide selection of high-quality items such as Old Hall strong stainless steel tableware from England, John Leach pottery that is still in production and remains popular nowadays, and vintage Christmas ornaments from Denmark and Germany. Watch out for this shop’s collaborations with artists, too, such as the SAML. WALTZ Coffee that is shipped weekly, as well as fruit mince pie, England’s traditional baked confectionery, and the tea/coffee corner.

3. Sublo

Sublo, a stationery shop that originated in Kyoto, opened an outlet in Kichijoji, which is an area in Tokyo where many stylish general goods stores are located. The small space of this shop is crammed with unique stationery items centering on standard Japanese stationery, and including nostalgic retro items, imported stationery and original goods. This shop also carries a wide range of stationery sets ,letter sets, and wrapping paper. Everything you see here are small trinkets that you probably will want to keep close at hand. How about getting presents and souvenirs for your friends and loved ones from this store?

4. Kichijoji PukuPuku – Nakamichidori Shop

Kichijoji PukuPuku – Nakamichidori Shop is a store that mainly sells Japanese pottery. Its owner specializes in Koimari (old Imari) pottery, which is made up of ceramics and china that were made in Arita and then shipped from Imari Port during the Edo period (1603 – 1868). Highly valued by royalty and nobility in Europe, these porcelain wares express their antique value. Apart from these products, this shop also has a wide range of Japanese antiques that may be used in daily life and affordable Japanese antique tableware, so you need not hesitate if you want to look for tableware that you can call your own. It also sells a lot of furniture and Japanese general merchandise, which might add charm and enrich your life. Kichijoji PukuPuku also has a branch in front of Nishi Park, so why not wander off to this shop to check it out?



4. Kichijoji PukuPuku – Nakamichidori Shop

5. mahika mano

There are so many trendy cafes in Kichijoji! Out of all these cafes, however, mahika mano, with its hammock seats for customers, is truly one of the most unique. It is not just a cafe, as it also doubles as a showroom for hammocks. Here, you can enjoy their original coffee that is made through a select bean roasting method, herb teas and other drinks together with food items, centering on vegetables, that are good for your health, and desserts - all in the comfort of a hammock. This is the perfect spot in Kichijoji where you can relax in peace in between strolls around town. It can also be a good story from your trip to Japan, so why not drop by?

Kichijoji is a cozy little district that is filled with fashionable and fascinating shops. You will surely enjoy going around various shops in this area without getting tired. It is also easily accessible, so you have to go see it!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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