Top 5 Miscellaneous Goods Stores in Kichijoji

Kichijoji is a little-known great spot that is home to the famous Inokashira Park and rows of various shops. It definitely ranks high if you conduct a survey on the most popular neighborhoods in which to live. Here are five recommended miscellaneous goods stores in this famous town where you can buy that perfect souvenir.

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1. poooL

Running on the concept of “making everyday life just a little more special,” poooL is a shop and gallery where you will encounter dynamic works connected to our lives that are created by almost 50 creators, including Western clothes, china, accessories, bags and shoes. For instance, they have a milk pitcher (3,704 JPY (excl. tax) for small, 4,195 JPY (excl. tax) for large) by Miho Nishikawa who is active in Kanazawa, Ishikawa. This milk pitcher plays on the differences in color and uses the luster of brass and German silver to give it a feeling of warmth. It is handmade, so each piece looks a little different from the rest, and this very trait is what has made this shop popular. PoooL also has an online shop, but it is still best to go to the physical shop in Kichijoji to feel the warmth of each item and to fully grasp their ease of use. This shop has two branches – the main shop poooL in the back of the shopping district in Nakamichidori, and poooL 02, which is near the main shop. The business days and hours of the main shop vary depending on exhibits and events, so make sure to check first before you go. Both shops are overflowing with sensibility, and people who set foot there will be led to a space that is just “a little special.”

2. Natural Kitchen AND Kichijoji Branch

This shop, where you can purchase wonderful kitchen stuff for 100 JPY (excl. tax), was born from the desire "for more people to be in a space surrounded by their favorite sundry goods.” It is filled with a long list of products that the shop can take pride in as most of the products here are original pieces that were planned and designed by the shop’s Japanese staff who traveled around the world in order to give shape to their designs, and then went through several modifications and negotiations with craftsmen before they were finally created. When you see them, you will be surprised that such cuteness and accessability costs only 100 JPY! So, for those who want to buy many wonderful souvenirs and presents on a budget, you should definitely head out to the Natural Kitchen AND shop in Kichijoji. Here you will be able to buy a lot of goods that incorporate Japan’s cute aesthetics.

2. Natural Kitchen AND Kichijoji Branch


MARKUS is a shop that offers “Japan’s lifestyle tools” that help people to lead an ideal life or at least a slightly better lifestyle. The shop owner gathers great items from all over Japan, and close to 500 products are constantly on display in this shop. A wide array of goods are carried here, from china, wooden utensils, pendant flashlights, umbrellas and other items that are full of individuality, up to hiyamugi (a type of noodle), coffee, tea, and other food products. Small trinkets such as washcloths and clay images that you can buy here would be perfect as presents for those back home. You will surely want to take your time when you gaze at their products that incorporate the heart of their artists. If there’s something you like, go ask the staff to talk about it. You will feel the touch of skill and ease of use of Japan’s lifestyle tools at MARKUS.

4. free Design

Free Design is a miscellaneous goods store that sells high-quality everyday goods sourced from all over the world that are particular about ease of use and design. From small items such as bags, wallets and umbrellas, up to utensils and tableware, this shop sells meticulously chosen goods to be used in our daily lives. It is also famous for its collection of Moomin goods, carrying such items as limited series goods and vintage items that fans just can't get enough of. Needless to say, this shop has a wide range of sundry goods originating from Japan. In the stationery section in particular, you will find items that would be great presents, such as pen stands and containers for small items in which the skill of Japanese craftsmen shine. At free Design, you will surely find Japanese souvenirs that will endure.

5. atelier coin

The atelier shop “atelier coin” is a shop that sells accessories and objects sourced from different places, centering on watches and clocks under its original brand JOIE INFINIE DESIGN. They also have interior clocks (such as hanging clocks and table clocks) that have been reproduced by combining parts from various countries. Each piece that was made by hand has an antique feel and warmth from being handmade. This shop is well loved for its designs that make use of brass, silver, and other metals, and for the durability and functionality of its products. How about looking for a watch that is only for you?

Kichijoji is filled with items that incorporate the hearts of the craftsmen who made them. Find an item you like that will be yours alone.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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Writer: Naoko Goto

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