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5 Recommended Secondhand Clothing Shops in Tokyo

Tokyo, a city that continuously develops its fashion culture, has so many secondhand shops! Here are some secondhand shops in Tokyo that are popular among young people.


1. BerBerJin (Harajuku)

The veteran secondhand shop BerBerJin has been doing business in Harajuku for 20 years. They have a complete range of vintage and military style American secondhand clothing with many items like T-shirts, jeans, jackets, sneakers etc. Also, if you like secondhand clothes you will definitely want to check out their huge stock of denim with prices ranging from cheap to around 2,000,000 JPY for coveted collector’s items. Take the time to try on various pairs of jeans and it might be the shop where you find your fated pair of jeans. The shop’s original skinny denim jeans are also popular so be sure to try them on! A recommended shop if you like casual American style and want some staple items that you can mix and match.

2. Hayatochiri (Koenji)

Hayatochiri is known for having such an unending array of unique and interesting pieces that it's even been featured in international media. It is located in the Kita Kore building, which has a number of secondhand shops and is said to be gaining the attention of fashion connoisseurs over the world. The eccentric shop interior gives way to even more eccentric items as well as an array of original remade items. Whichever way you look, the colors, patterns, and designs are flashy to say the least! The flashiness and uniqueness have made it so popular that artists and brand designers pay a visit when they come to Japan. Some popular items are the collection of amazingly flashy baseball caps, each with its own unique decorations as well as the beach sandals that are covered in colorful fur. If you want to get your hands on item that no one else will be wearing, be sure to pay this shop a visit.

3. RAGLA MAGLA (Shimokitazawa)

With a huge stock of over 10,000 items at reasonable prices, RAGLA MAGLA has been gaining popularity. They carry a full range of both men’s and ladies’ items, Western-style clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, and other small items. With styles ranging from American casual to rock and mode, simple items that match any style, as well as dresses and jackets that add a finishing touch to an outfit, it’s a shop that can be enjoyed even by people who don’t like secondhand clothes. Furthermore, the shop has a section of clothes that all cost 990 JPY so bargain hunters need to pay it a visit!

3. RAGLA MAGLA (Shimokitazawa)

4. Harajuku Chicago (Harajuku)

Harajuku Chicago is a highly popular secondhand shop among others in the Harajuku area. It’s a shop that has American and European style secondhand clothing as well as miscellaneous items for a reasonable price. Since it also deals with vintage kimono, it’s highly popular with people from overseas and many tourists visit the shop. The t-shirts and denim separated by color make it easy to look through and you can have fun trying to decide what to pick from the corner with your favorite colors. The shop is also easy to access and since it deals with both men’s and ladies’ clothing, it’s particularly recommended for couples.

4. Harajuku Chicago (Harajuku)

5. KESHIKI (Shibuya)

With a focus on European style secondhand clothing, a defining feature of KESHIKI is its aura of a high-class select shop. With a mix of vintage high brand items, mode pieces, and conservative style jackets, there are many items that can even be used for formal occasions. Lots of their items have a slim silhouette so it’s a shop particularly recommended for lovers of mode fashion. They also have a large quantity of sneakers and leather shoes all in excellent quality so people who are opposed to secondhand shoes should definitely have a look. You will surely enjoy the difference a pair of classic shoes can make!

You can always check out the latest trends in Tokyo but there are also lots of interesting secondhand items. If you’re particular about fashion and would like a satisfactory shopping experience, please make use of these 5 selections.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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Writer: Mayuka Ueno

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