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Souvenirs of Modern Japanese Culture! Anime Goods You Can Buy in Akihabara

When it comes to souvenirs from Japan, traditional cultural pieces are great, but if you’re buying the souvenirs for young people or children, anime goods can make a great present. Here we are going to introduce some great anime goods that make an ideal souvenir of you time in Japan.

For something small, how about a keyring or mobile phone strap?

Keyrings and mobile phone straps are a great idea for souvenirs. There are all sorts of character keyrings that any anime fan will be able to recognize. Their size means that won’t fill up your luggage, which is another plus. For children, we recommend character goods from “Yokai Watch” or “Pokemon” as they both have cute characters that little children are sure to love. If you have any friends who are big anime fans, you can’t go wrong with character goods from some of the works that are popular overseas, such as “One Piece” or “Naruto.”

The photo is of one of Japan’s major anime goods stores

How about some original sweets to share with your friends?

If you're looking to give your friends some anime related souvenirs, we recommend some anime collaboration sweets. Even if your friend doesn't know the anime well, they can enjoy the sweets themselves so you don't need to worry. On top of that, the exciting packaging featuring the anime characters will appeal even to people who don't know anime well. You can find lots of individually wrapped sweets, including chocolate and cookies, which are great for handing out to people. Of course, you can buy them for yourself as well!

Earrings that will set you apart from the crowd

If you're looking for a present for someone who wants to subtly incorporate their favorite anime into their fashion, accessories such as earrings can make a great souvenir. Because of their small size, they usually only feature a crest or logo from an anime series, rather than something more obvious, such as a character from the series. The fact that only people really into anime will recognize the earrings makes it that much cooler, and the designs that you won't see in regular apparel stores will help you to stand out in the crowd. For people who like subtle fashion, anime earrings might be just right for them.
If the earrings are from a popular work, such as one of Studio Ghibli’s works, your friends are sure to be happy with them.

© 1989 Eiko Kadono - Studio Ghibli - N

Kiki’s Delivery Service Walking Jiji Earrings 1,400 JPY (tax incl.)

Kids will love it! Animate Original Stuffed Toy "Kumamate"

Animate, the largest anime shop chain in Japan, has recently started selling their own original stuffed toys known as “kumamate,"" named using a play on the word “kuma” meaning “bear” in Japanese and the “mate” from “Animate.” One of the unique features of these toys is that you can enjoy dressing them up. But these aren't just your typical dress up toys - the clothes are costumes from all sorts of popular anime, such as Haikyu!! or Yowamushi Pedal. You can buy the costumes at Animate stores. Why not buy the costumes from some of your favorite anime and enjoy dressing up the stuffed toys?

Of course, kumamate are teddy bears, so they make a great present for little children just as they are, and even if they don’t know the anime series the costume is from, they can enjoy dressing up the bear.


Kids will love it! Animate Original Stuffed Toy "Kumamate"

Smartphone covers that you can only get in Japan

Smartphones have in recent years become an indispensable part of life. If you're looking to give your smartphone a bit of personality and originality, a smartphone cover can be a great way to do it. So how about going for an anime smartphone cover? You can find some really detailed and well-designed covers and you can enjoy the feeling that you're carrying the character around with you. If you have a favorite anime character, why not try searching for a cover with them on? Akihabara is known as an electronics paradise, so you should be able to find them! You can find all sorts of anime character covers in Japan, but they are quite rare overseas, so getting one while you’re in Japan can be a great way to show your individuality.

In Akihabara, the anime capital of Japan, you’re sure to see all sorts of anime goods. We hope this list helps you to find something great for your friends and family back at home.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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