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Must-see for Fashionistas! 6 Popular Fashion Buildings in Tokyo

Tokyo has a great number of high fashion commercial facilities that are epicenters of fashion for Japan and the rest of the world. Among these, we will introduce a selection of 6 shops where fashionistas can experience the fashion of Tokyo, Japan.


1. Isetan Shinjuku

One of Japan’s representative department stores is Isetan which touts the slogan “everyday is new, Isetan fashion”. Since its renewal opening 3 years ago, it has produced a thoroughly magnificent shopping space with the concept of “the world’s greatest fashion museum”. Ordinary fashion buildings separate each brand by stores but a distinguishing feature of the Isetan Shinjuku store is that it has the products from various brands in one space (of course not all brands are here, there are also independent, individual shops). Let’s look at the 2nd - 4th floors which primarily feature ladies' fashion. First, the 2nd floor has the latest trends as well as women’s shoes. TOKYO CLOSET has the latest styles and everyday clothing from Tokyo and nowhere else in the world. For girly fashion items, stores like Isetan Girl are organized in the same zone to create a floor aimed at young women. The 3rd floor has many fashion brands put together but it doesn’t only cater to international high brands like the store ReStyle. There are also specialized fashion shops ranging from gifts to sports items. The 4th floor has carefully selected luxury brands from all over the world. It’s a place you must visit for items that you can wear for your entire life. Apart from these, there are pop-up shops, Isetan Shinjuku original items, and many other products that you can only get your hands on here. So if you’re a fashionista, this is a shop you must check.

1. Isetan Shinjuku


TOKYU PLAZA OMOTESANDO HARAJUKU is located directly opposite from Laforet Harajuku. Made with the dual concepts of “it's only here" and “because it’s here,” the shops that symbolize Japan’s fashion and culture scene are all here. The SHEL'TTER TOKYO is the flagship shop of the apparel maker Baroque Japan Limited, a maker that boasts brands with immense popularity among young people like moussy and SLY. There are also fashion items bedazzled by a professional decorator at GLAM BABY and much more. This is the place to check for Japan’s outgoing fashion. Also, the OMOHARA STATION pop-up space on the 3rd floor features limited time brand shops at different periods throughout the year. This is a place where you can feel the modern, liberal trends of Japanese fashion and is a building recommended for people who want to take their time when shopping.



The meaning of GYRE is “spiral” which was the concept for the design of the twisting facade of this impressive building. Though the prices may be high, the mindset at this new type of establishment is choosing wisely and in moderation “without sacrificing quality or trendiness” making it well loved by people with a sensibility towards trends and a high interest in fashion and art. That being said, the reason for its popularity is that each brand sold there has designs just for GYRE as well as GYRE exclusive shops. For GYRE, the Chanel boutique made special chairs and sofas, The Parisian brand AMI originating in Japan developed exclusive items for their AMI OMOTESANDO store there. Also Rei Kawakubo, one of Japan’s exemplary designers did a new concept shop for her brand COMME des GARCONS called TRADING MUSEUM COMME des GARCONS only in GYRE. As the name suggests, both concepts of trading and a museum are combined in that space, and the items on display allow you to experience the essence of the brand. Comprising of items that are not for sale, it is not a place meant just for shopping. Rather, it is a place where you look and new inspiration is born. If you want to check out the whole surface of Tokyo’s high style, then this is somewhere you must go!


Constructed in 1931 as Tokyo’s central post office, it was restored and remodeled into KITTE. It is the first commercial facility by the Japan Post office. The interior design was done by the globally minded architect Kengo Kuma with the 1st to the 6th floor having an impressive triangle-shaped atrium and a defining characteristic of the building’s design is the heavy use of of traditional Japanese materials like lumber, ceramic roofing tiles, fabrics, Japanese paper and more. Under the concept of “Feel Japan”, there are fine local goods from all over the country, special items, and well-loved, local veteran shops making up about 100 stores in all. There are also many grocery stores, restaurants, fashion and general goods stores; and all of these stores allow you experience Japan’s merits. Here you can find many influential brands that originated in Japan like Issey Miyake’s bag brand BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKE and the original mode mixed-style brand aimed at 20 - 30 year old women, Sov. DOUBLE STANDARD CLOTHING and Onitsuka Tiger, a brand that’s especially popular in Europe. On the other hand, there are also shops at KITTE which specialize in items made in Japan like shoes, handkerchiefs, and glasses that seem to be becoming known globally. Here you can expect to experience Japan's merits and trends in their entirety, as well as find high quality goods made in Japan. This is an institution with the essence of Japan.

5. Roppongi Hills

Roppongi Hills is a famous tourism area as well as a place with classic goods. The brands gathered here are aimed at men and women with a high sensitivity to fashion. To illustrate, on entering the flagship store of the select shop ESTNATION, which operates under the concept of dispatching the next standard from Tokyo to the world, you can find men's and ladies' items, miscellaneous goods as well as gift items which make it an incredibly popular store amongst couples. There is also the concept shop Kenma x JOTARO SAITO that deals in kimono and is only found in Roppongi Hills. Their concept is to make kimono that adapt to the modern lifestyle and atmosphere, and their denim kimono (men's only) is the first of its kind in Japan, making it a hot topic. Another hot topic recently is Roppongi Hills’ men's fashion zone which has been renewed. All 40 stores, including the 11 new stores are all on the scale of Tokyo’s best. Many Japanese designer brands are starting their first commercial store here. For example, ATTACHMENT, N. HOLLYWOOD, UNDERCOVER, FACETASM, and FACTOTUM. Since all the shops that open here are ones that grab the attention of the global fashion industry, then if you’re a fashionista, you must check here for the latest in Japanese men’s fashion.

5. Roppongi Hills

6. Shibuya MODI

Shibuya MODI only just opened in November of last year. It is a composite facility with the concept of an “smart commerce space” and has shops of every genre ranging from apparel, general goods, books and CD’s to cafe’s, restaurants and karaoke. The first thing to report is its Tourist Information Center aimed at foreign tourists established by the H.I.S. Shibuya head office. It’s nice to know that there is this kind of fashion building in Shibuya right? In the lineup of fashion shops, there are many that are attuned to tourists. For adults that don't have much experience with kimono, there's THE YARD, a brand that aims to have people include kimono into their everyday wear. There is the Japanese legwear brand with 130 years of history, Fukusuke. Also the Japanese fashion brand Né-net with the theme of couple’s shared everyday wear and more. People who would like to go shopping as a couple as well as people beginning their sightseeing in Shibuya, be sure to pay a visit.

What did you think? You can check these stylish, facilities for Japan’s outgoing fashion and will surely enjoy yourself even if you don’t buy anything. Don’t just look though, be sure to experience all that these establishments have to offer!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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