4 Shops in Tokyo Offering Stylish Shoes

It's said that being fashionable starts with your feet. In Tokyo there are many shoe stores ranging from domestic to international brands. In this article we will introduce 4 stylish shops where you can search for your perfect pair of shoes. Why not buy an extra pair to serve as a memory of your trip?

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1. Boutique Osaki

Boutique Osaki is a proud Japanese brand that offers a wide variety of products from basic, high-quality pumps meant for daily use to luxuriously-designed pumps. The main branch is in Omotesando but you can find the brand in department stores or online shop as well. Pumps usually go for around 23,000 JPY. Their designs are simple but if you look closely they're rather refined, so you won't get tired of them. Also, this brand is well-known for offering designs that make ones' legs look lovely. Not only that, but this brand has around 300 types of materials to sample on hand, so if you want a different color or if you want a specific design but need it wider, they can customize a pair to your exact wishes using their famous Color Order System. (It takes about two weeks for your order to be complete.) Take this chance and get a pair of unique shoes that have no match in the world!



2. Pretty Ballerinas

"Pretty Ballerinas" is a world-famous popular Spanish handmade ballet shoes brand mostly carrying ballet shoes, ballet pumps, and flat shoes. Their Tokyo flagship store is in Aoyama, but they also have stores in Shibuya and Shinjuku. The skilled craftsmen make the shoes one by one. The round form of shoes from "Pretty Ballerina" is rather charming, plus the leather is very soft. Even though the shoes are made wide, one of their merits is how each pair still manages to be made with clean lines. The prices range from around 20,000 JPY to around 30,000 JPY. They're very light and easy to wear, and have a range of designs from chic to flashy, so no matter the outfit or the occasion you can find a pair of shoes here that go perfectly. If you feel the desire to pick up a new pair of shoes, this is the store to visit. Just going to the cute, pink store to look at all these colorful shoes is fun in and of itself.

*The photo is an image and may not be the actual storefront of the branch you visit.

2. Pretty Ballerinas

3. Regal Tokyo

"Regal," the top shoes maker that has been supporting Japan's shoe culture since the Meiji era, has a high-grade brand called "Regal Tokyo". Their branch in Ginza offers mostly men's products, and the store reflects the calm, mature atmosphere of their shoes. Here you can find ready-made Regal brand shoes, but you can also buy original Regal Tokyo shoes. You can choose the materials, designs, and color using their pattern order, and then it will be made in a workshop that prides itself on the shoe being 90% handmade. Being able to order "bespoke" shoes that is made originally just for you from the time you place the order is this brand's biggest merit. Since the leather is high-quality and the designs themselves are elegant, it's a brand beloved by many Japanese men. No matter what you order from the pattern order system called "Regal Built to Order," it starts from 44,000 JPY (without tax), so you can customize the shoes to your liking at a price within a budget that's reasonable for bespoke. Many people buy multiple pairs (it takes about a month for your order to be complete). This is a brand recommended for people who like to wear shoes that make you stand out from the crowd!

4. Onitsuka Tiger

The sneaker brand "Onitsuka Tiger" is charming thanks to its retro designs. Onitsuka Tiger is a Japanese brand, but it has grown to have branches all around the world and became very famous thanks to the yellow shoes worn by the main character in the movie "Kill Bill". The clean silhouettes, unique retro designs, and comfortability make this brand popular not just with men but also with women. They have collaborated with Coach, the luxury brand, in the past and it was received very well. There are branches in Omotesando and Shibuya, and both stores welcome travelers. Most of their sneakers cost around 10,000 JPY, making it a rather reasonably priced brand. Their products run the gamut from the latest colors, the beloved standards, to limited edition colors. You'll definitely be able to find your perfect pair of sneakers among all that variety. What about buying a pair of Japanese brand sneakers as a memory of your trip?

4. Onitsuka Tiger

There are plenty of stylish shoe stores in Tokyo, so please look for that perfect pair to add to your wardrobe, for traveling, or even for a gift!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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