Selection of 5 cute items featuring food samples that you can buy in Kappabashi, Tokyo

They look just like the real thing! Food samples are a very popular souvenir from Japan. Kappabashi, in Tokyo, is an area where you can find many stores selling cooking utensils and tableware, along with stores selling a variety of food samples. Some of these stores specialize in miscellaneous goods and accessories inspired by food samples. This time we are offering you a selection of 5 cute items that you can buy in Kappabashi.

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1. Earrings

Earrings are the most popular food-sample based items among women. Compared to regular food samples, they are really tiny, yet they are still highly elaborate, and the numbers of fans who cannot help but fall in love with the cuteness is on the increase. Parfaits, fruits, and sweets like macaroons are quite the staple, but sunny side ups, French fries, hamburgers, sushi, and ramen are highly popular as well, despite being quite rare foods to turn into earrings. These food sample earrings, which are sure to make you the center of attention, are relatively cheap and can be found for prices ranging between 1,000 JPY and 3,000 JPY, which makes them ideal as souvenirs.

*This product is from Sato Samples.

2. Smartphone Stand

Among all the food-sample inspired products that are available in the market, smartphone stands are a relatively new item that is gathering a lot of attention. Most of these stands are almost the same size as actual food sample, which makes them really impacting. There are many types available, from popular Japanese dishes like sushi, to even pancakes and hamburgers, and prices range between 3,000 JPY and 12,000 JPY. Since they are rather big, they offer great stability, and are amazing to use at home. We recommend placing your smartphone on this smartphone stand to relax at home and watching a movie with your favorite food in the background.

*This is a product from Maiduru, a store specializing in food sample-based merchandise.

3. Cell phone accessories

Cell phone straps are, just like earrings, a great way to enjoy food sample miniatures. The most popular ones are the ones representing cute foods like macaroons, cream puffs, and sushi, among others. In addition, nowadays you can also find many smartphone plug accessories available for sale. Plug accessories are to be plugged into smartphone's headphone jacks, and most of them are smaller than straps, so they are a great way to customize your smartphone in a subtle manner. Wouldn't you just love to be able to take your favorite food around with your smartphone?

*This is a product from Maiduru, a store specializing in food sample-based merchandise.

4. Key holders

Key holders are the staple souvenir. Japan-like choices like sushi, ramen, and okonomiyaki are very popular. It seems that, in the case of sushi, maki rolls are more popular than nigiri pieces. In the case of ramen, there are very elaborate pieces in which the noodles are places in a ceramic spoon and look like they could be actually eaten anytime. Of course, sweets like parfaits or crepes boast a deep-rooted popularity among women. Key holders are reasonably priced at around 1,000 JPY, so you can buy a variety of different types. If you are looking to get started in the food sample hobby in a casual way, we recommend starting out with these key holders.

*This is a product from Maiduru, a store specializing in food sample-based merchandise.

5. Sushi Clock

Sushi clocks are so popular that production is running behind. These clocks result from the skills of the artisans: the plate is a sushi oke on which 12 pieces of sushi represent the time, and the hands are made with wooden chopsticks. The idea itself is amazing, but the actual creation is so elaborate that it can be considered a work of art, and many people like to place this in their homes as an art piece, rather than as a clock. Prices are a little expensive, ranging between 15,000 JPY and 30,000 JPY, but we still recommend them as a highly crafted decorative object unique to Japan.

Did you enjoy our selection? Food samples are an ever popular type of souvenirs from Japan. Please use this article as a reference to visit Kappabashi and find your favorite food sample.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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Writer: Mayuka Ueno

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