5 Trendy Stores for Fashion and Home Goods in Tokyo

Tokyo is a city always on the front line of fashion. Today we will introduce a number of unique fashion and home goods stores that are putting out refined products while keeping their traditional roots, selling unique t-shirts, and places where you can find your own style.

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1. Watashi no Heya (My Room)

“Watashi no Heya” is a long-standing home goods store created with the concept of fusing fresh ideas with the Japanese lifestyle to create products for a beautiful, wealthy living. There are a total of 6 stores in Tokyo in places like Solamachi, Marunouchi, Ikebukuro, and Jiyugaoka, all filled with elegantly designed products for everyday use. They carry chopsticks, bowls, and other Japanese style tableware and lunchboxes as well as “Nanbu Tekki”, a type of traditional Japanese Ironware that has gained fame worldwide for its heat-retaining properties and for help supplementing iron in the diet. We recommend this store for anyone looking for home goods you can only buy in Japan.

*Jiyugaoka store pictured

1. Watashi no Heya (My Room)

2. Afternoon Tea

Just like it’s name, Afternoon Tea is a large chain store that was created with the idea of creating items you can use while enjoying a cup of tea. There are a number of stores with cafes attached, particularly in bustling areas such as Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and Ueno. It is most popular for its wide variety of mugs, simple but refined tableware for everyday use, and storage items designed to “show”. Look out for their Boston bag, its compactness perfect for travelling, as well as their cutely designed bath goods and stationary. You will definitely be able to find something to bring home for yourself as well as your friends and family.

*Picture is for illustration purposes

2. Afternoon Tea

3. Kakesu Zakkaten

Kakesu Zakkaten is one of the many stores on Kappabashi Street, a shopping district near Asakusa famous for its tableware and cooking utensil stores. Kakesu Zakkaten is known for carrying high quality “Made in Japan” teacups, cups, canisters and other porcelain goods. It also carries towels from the world-famous Imabari Towel brand, and small items like wooden shoehorns. It’s a boutique store that carries high quality products you can use for years to come. If you visit Kakesu Zakkaten, one of the things you should look out for is the “ZEROJAPAN” teapot. ZEROJAPAN gained popularity in America due to its exceptional quality and now has stores throughout Europe and Asia. It is now loved in 26 countries across the world. The prices depend on the type and size but generally go for about 2,500 JPY - 3,000 JPY. The heat-retaining porcelain teapot comes with a stainless steel lid and a cup holder makes drinking tea fun. If you want high quality made in Japan products to bring home, this is the place to look!

3. Kakesu Zakkaten


OJICO has become a much-discussed brand for its stylish matching family T-shirts. It has multiple stores in Tokyo including in Solamachi and Ginza. Following its slogan, "I don't want a t-shirt that's not fun," the brand focuses on creating intelligent and avant-garde designs, adding in art, rock, cynical, and postmodern inspired elements to create unique t-shirts. The shirts are uniquely designed, not your average t-shirt. They’re exciting even just to look at! The shirts are made of 100% Made in Japan cotton so they are easy to wash and won’t lose their shape. Their sizes range all the way from shirts for six-month-old babies to for full-grown men. Even if you think it might be embarrassing to wear matching t-shirts, you will be able to enjoy yourself if its from OJICO. Find a shirt you like to bring home for a present or as a memory of your trip.


PASSPORT is a home goods store known for its cute and colorful storage boxes, stools, and cushions. It has 15 stores in Tokyo, mostly in shopping malls like Ikebukuro Sunshine City and Shinagawa Seaside Aeon. Their storage boxes, which can also be used as a stool or for decoration go for around 500 JPY each. It's filled with cute things you can use everyday. Items featuring PASSPORT's original character "Hannari Tofu" are particularly popular. If you like Japanese "yuru-chara", you will easily be able to find stuff you like here.

Original Character "Hannari Tofu"

How did you like our recommendations? There are plenty of stores in Tokyo where you can feel the influence of many cultures and trends, filled with quality goods you can only find in Japan. If you’re looking for a cute, unique gift to bring home to make someone you know smile, check out these stores!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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Writer: Mayuka Ueno

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