5 Fashionable 300 Yen Shops in Tokyo

300 yen shops offer designs and quality better than what can be found in a 100 yen shop while giving the feeling of shopping in a true sundries shop. Here are some fashionable 300 yen shops to check out in Tokyo.

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3COINS is a representative store of the 300 yen genre that offers a wide variety of products and has 24 branches in Tokyo, including in Shinjuku and Ikebukuro. They offer not just daily lifestyle goods but also stationery and fashion accessories. Their hair accessories are particularly popular. Their line up of hair bands and hair pins come in a variety of colors, motifs, and materials, and being able to buy them for 300 JPY each is a particularly happy point. They also have a lot of earrings and accessories, so people who like fashion should check here because they have accessories that can appeal to a wide variety of tastes.

2. Mikazuki Momoko

Mikazuki Momoko is the 300 yen shop that is known for their fashion accessories meant for people with girly tastes. There are ten branches in Tokyo, including in the fashionable Jiyuugaoka area. It targets teen girls so it has a lot of character goods like Sanrio, but there are lots of items that adults can enjoy as well. It's a store that infuses Japan's "kawaii" style in their accessories, sunglasses, smartphone cases, pouches, bags, and more. This is definitely a recommended store for people who like colorful items, no matter their age.

3. CouCou

If you're looking for interior goods that feel grown-up but are still girly, check out CouCou. There are many products that have elements from the popular interior design from Northern Europe, and their girly tableware has attracted a lot of attention due to the surprise that something of that design and quality is only 300 JPY. For people who are living on their own and are picky about their furniture like shelves, racks, and wall clocks, but don't have too much money to furnish, CouCou is the store for you. You can enjoy transforming your plain room into a wonderful space.

4. illusie300

illusie300 has gained a lot of popularity thanks to social media. This 300 yen shop offers lifestyle items that were made with the idea of relaxation and happiness in mind aimed towards women who like spending time at home. They have a wide variety of items from interior goods and tableware to accessories and fashion goods, and their design point is that everything is simple and natural. They have a ton of items like their wall stickers and key hooks, mini decorative plants, and other items that can make your room look fashionable without being too obstructive. This is a store recommended for people who like simplicity in their fashion and interior design. There are four branches in Tokyo, including one in Asakusa.

5. smart life market

smart life market is 3COINS' sister store and they offer easy-to-use lifestyle items for 300 yen. They have items from kitchen/bath/interior home goods to socks and accessories in many patterns from basic to colorful. There are children's toys and stationery for college students, as well as bath goods to fully enjoy one's bath. No matter what age you are you'll definitely find something you want in this store. It's perfect to visit with your family. There are two branches in Tokyo, one in the Yaesu Chikagai in Tokyo Station and one in Machida.

300 yen shops have such fashionable and useful items that you'll be surprised at their low price. They're fun to visit whether you're looking for something specific or if you just want to see the differences between stores. If you miss out on going to the 300 yen shops in Tokyo, you'll definitely regret it!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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Writer: Mayuka Ueno

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