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(2016 Edition) 7 Best Souvenirs from Tokyo

Here in this article we’re going to introduce our top seven souvenirs from Tokyo. These were chosen for their appearance, flavor and beautiful packaging, and we’re sure you will enjoy them, too.


1. Tokyo Banana Caramel Flavor (東京ばな奈がぉー キャラメル味、「見ぃつけたっ」)

"With a perfect combination of a soft and juicy texture, a mild sweetness and a cute appearance, Tokyo Banana is one of Tokyo’s most popular souvenirs. We particularly like the caramel flavor, with its adorable tiger print pattern. The soft sponge cake and caramel banana flavored custard cream is delicious. You can buy Tokyo Banana at Tokyo Station, Shinagawa Station, Ueno Station, Tokyo Tower, and expressways (EBINA Service Area Kudari (outbound), Miyoshi Parking Area.) (A pack of 4, starting from 515 JPY (inc. tax))"

1. Tokyo Banana Caramel Flavor (東京ばな奈がぉー キャラメル味、「見ぃつけたっ」)

2. Imperial Hotel Chocolate Assortment and Cookie Assortment (Tokyo Marunouchi Station Building package)

"The famous Imperial Hotel chocolate assortment and cookie assortment only available at the Imperial Hotel Central Street Store in JR Tokyo Station. This version is a limited edition that comes in a package decorated with a picture of the Tokyo Marunouchi Station Building, which recently underwent preservation and restoration work to restore the station to its appearance approximately 100 years ago which were completed in 2012. Why not enjoy these delicious sweets along with the beautiful designs of the famous Japanese architect, Kingo Tatsuno.

Chocolate Assortment (Tokyo Marunouchi Station Building Package) 2,160 JPY (inc. tax)"

Cookie Assortment (Tokyo Marunouchi Station Building Package) 1,080 JPY (inc. tax)

2. Imperial Hotel Chocolate Assortment and Cookie Assortment (Tokyo Marunouchi Station Building package)

3. Nenrinya Baumkuchen “Wa-no-musubime Assortment"

"Nenrinya is an incredibly popular baumkuchen speciality store. One of its most popular products is its “Wa-no-musubime” baumkuchen assortment, which includes the popular matcha green tea flavor baumkuchen along with other flavors that change with the season. As well a being a delicious sweet, the warm, Japanese coloring make this a very beautiful product. You can buy it from the following three stores. (2,916 JPY (inc. tax))
-JR Tokyo Station Store Yeasu Central Exit, inside the gates
-Haneda Airport - Terminal 1 Selected Japanese Confectioneries
-Haneda Airport - Terminal 2 Tokyo Food Products Clock Tower 3 Store

*The contents of the assortment varies depending on the season. “Sakura no musubime” (the product in the photo) are going to sell until the late April, 2016."

3. Nenrinya Baumkuchen “Wa-no-musubime Assortment"

4. Sugar Butter Tree - "Sugar Butter Sand Tree”

There are lots of souvenirs that you can only find in Tokyo, but the one sweet that has become the typical souvenir of the capital is the “Sugar Butter Sand Tree.” Made of two cereal dough biscuits baked with sugar butter sandwiching a layer of white chocolate, the subtle sweetness, unique crispy texture different to that of a rusk or a cookie, and milky white chocolate will keep you coming back for more. Each sweet comes wrapped individually, making them ideal for handing out to people. Other than Tokyo Station, you can also buy the sweets at Ueno Station and Haneda Airport. (7 pack, starting from 535 JPY (tax inc.)).

4. Sugar Butter Tree - "Sugar Butter Sand Tree”

5. Mamegui-miyage

A tenugui is a traditional cloth used for all sorts of purposes including wiping one’s hands and wrapping things up. A “mamegui” is a small 27cm by 27cm tenugui. “Mamegui-miyage” are gifts which use mamegui to wrap things like candy, small rice crackers, tea or bolo biscuits, making them ideal souvenirs. Mamegui-miyage come in a wide variety of patterns and styles, such as cute animals or seasonal flowers. Limited edition train patterned mamegui-miyage are available at GRANSTA in Tokyo Station. (Starting from 798 JPY (inc. tax), the design in the photo is 1,080 JPY (inc.tax))

6. Kabuki Facepack

A cosmetic facepack in the Kabuki pattern! With the face pack you can quickly and easily enjoy the Kabuki makeup just by applying it. As well as being a great facepack, this humorous gift is sure to be a hit with your friends and family back home. Designed under the supervision of famous Kabuki actor Somegoro Ichikawa, the packs come in blue and red types which recreate the patterns used in some popular Kabuki plays. You can find these at Haneda Airport, Tokyu Hands, Kabukiza and Tokyo Midtown and a variety of other places as well. (900 JPY (inc, tax))

7. High class Kit-Kat’s from the Kit-Kat Chocolatory

Made under the supervision of Yasumasa Takagi, the owner and chef of the popular patisserie Le Patissier Takagi, and sold at the world’s first dedicated Kit-Kat store, these high-class Kit-Kats are unlike anything you have had before, surpassing the original Kit-Kat both in taste and appearance. In Tokyo, these high-class Kit-Kats are on sale in the Shinjuku Takashimaya Store, Seibu Ikebukuro Store and Daimaru Tokyo Store, and you can find limited editions with specially designed packaging as well. We recommend the Kit-Kat Sublime Milk, an exquisite combination of high quality cocoa and smooth milk, on advanced sale since November 13 at the Shinjuku Takashimaya Store. (1 box 300 JPY (tax exc.))

7. High class Kit-Kat’s from the Kit-Kat Chocolatory

From delicious sweets to unique gifts, you can find all sorts of souvenirs in Tokyo. Whether you are searching for something great, or have a clear idea of what you are after in advance, you’re sure to find a great souvenir of your travels.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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