[Jimbocho, Tokyo] You Can Read Manga All Through the Night! Capsule Hotel with Unlimited Manga Debuts in Tokyo!

Japanese manga has gained popularity around the world. And now, there’s a capsule hotel in Tokyo’s Jimbocho area called MANGA ART HOTEL, TOKYO, where you can revel in the charms of manga! Book a night there to indulge in manga all night long.


The Jinbocho area in Tokyo is one of the world's largest “book towns” as it is home to about 180 old stores selling secondhand books. It is here where you will find MANGA ART HOTEL, TOKYO, a capsule hotel (※) that is designed around the theme of manga. It was built under the concept of “manpaku”, which is getting immersed in the world of manga all night long. You can read any of comics from the bookshelves, so you just might get so hooked that you’ll forget about sleeping altogether!

1-minute walk from Ogawa Station on the Toei Shinjuku Line, Awajicho Station on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line, or Shin-ochanomizu Station in Tokyo Metro’s Chiyoda Line
7-minute walk from Exit A9 of Jinbocho Station in Tokyo Metro’s Hanzomon Line

※A capsule hotel is a place where guests can stay in a small, capsule-shaped room equipped with a cot


LANDPOOL KANDA TERRACE 4F/5F, 1-14-13 Nishiki-cho, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

5,000 Manga for Unlimited Overnight Reading!

At MANGA ART HOTEL, TOKYO, the bookshelves are filled with 5,000 manga that were chosen from the broad perspective of “art,” with respect to either how interesting the story is or the beauty of the illustrations. There are separate floors for men and women, with manga selections meant just for men or women on each floor.
Every manga comes with comments and reviews (Japanese and English) beside the title, so it would be easier for you to dive into reading a manga that you haven’t read before. There are also 800-900 manga in English, so if you want to read stuff in English or if you want to read the English and Japanese versions side by side, then this place just might be a lot of fun for you. Note, too, that you can buy any manga you like on the spot!

Soak in this Spatial and Fashionable Hotel!

The hotel consists of three spaces: the "PUBLIC ZONE" around the front desk, the "MANGA ROOM" where the guests stay and sleep, and the "UTILITY ZONE" that houses the toilets and shower rooms. In the MANGA ROOM, the beds are alternately arranged and the spatial bookshelves are lined up in rows, indicating that the area was designed with spatial depth in mind. The ingenious design eases the sense of tightness that is distinctive of capsule hotels by doing such things as painting the interior in white to make the covers of the manga pop, and putting in light pink flooring.

Fully Equipped Facilities and Services!

Every capsule in this hotel has a locker for valuables, a dedicated electrical outlet, hanger, and slippers. There is curtain to ensure privacy. They also sell pajamas that were created in collaboration with the famous brand Nells under the concept of “pajamas that are good enough to go out in.” There are also shared shower rooms, toilets, and washrooms. Wi-Fi is free thoughout the hotel.

Don’t Know What to Read? Ask the Staff!

If you find it hard to decide on what manga to read, don’t worry, just go and ask the staff at the front desk. They will give you recommendations on what to read based on your mood that day and your favorite writer. Guests are generally restricted to their floor and are not allowed to come and go to the other gender’s floor, but if there’s a manga on the other floor that you want to read, a staff member can get it for you.

Pretty cool, right? This hotel is definitely a must for manga fans, but those who want to discover and read manga for the first time should try staying here, too. Go and find that manga you want and immerse yourself in its world the whole night long!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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