Experience Japanese Zen at This Unique Capsule Hotel that Just Opened in Tokyo!

In addition to the comparatively reasonable price, the characteristic capsule hotels of Japan come in unique styles that make them popular places to stay for tourists visiting Japan. This article will introduce to you an evolved form of Japan's capsule hotels - Hotel Zen Tokyo!

About Hotel Zen Tokyo

Hotel Zen Tokyo opened in Tokyo's Nihonbashi Ningyocho area in April 2019, and offers a new kind of hotel experience. It is a tearoom where you can stay that was built on a concept of "zen meets minimalism" by incorporating elements of the tearoom, which was introduced by Sen no Rikyu*, into the "capsule hotel", a type of accommodation that originated in Japan.

*1522 - 1591. The renowned master of tea ceremony, who perfected the concepts upon which the form of modern tea ceremony was founded.

About Hotel Zen Tokyo

1-5-8 Nihonbashi Ningyo-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Experience the Ideals of Japanese Minimalism

The interior has a minimal design with foundations in the zen ideology of eliminating that which serves no purpose. The guest rooms have a modern Japanese feel, with plenty of wood incorporated into the design and Japanese paintings decorating the walls. There are 7 floors and 78 rooms in total. There are 5 types of rooms, ranging from rooms with traditional tatami mat floors, to rooms with large windows. The height of the ceilings in the guest rooms is over 2m, leaving you with much more elbowroom than the average capsule hotel.

Enjoy Select Beverages Made in Japan at the Bar Lounge

Two entire floors of the hotel are dedicated to an extensive shared space, featuring a work lounge, coin laundry, and separate male and female bathrooms. At the bar lounge, you can enjoy breakfast in the morning, use it like a cafe during the day, or indulge in some alcoholic beverages n the evening. A unique feature of the bar menu is that the diverse types of sake, whisky and wine on offer are all brands that are made in Japan.

Familiarize Yourself with Japanese Culture in the Sen no Rikyu Tearoom Themed Guest Rooms

The guest rooms are designed around the image of the Myokian (Taian), the tearoom masterpiece created by Sen no Rikyu in the latter half of the 16th century. The design has taken great inspiration from the 2-tatami mat (approx. 3 sq.m.) space, said to be the essence of Japanese minimalism, and has incorporated details of the traditional tearoom, including the nijiriguchi* and tokonoma**. The functional aspects have been reinterpreted in a 21st century style. The rooms are very comfortable as they are equipped with free Wi-Fi, safety vaults for valuables, an amenities and towel set, and a comfortable Simmons Co. bed.

*The entrance leading guests into the tearoom. The small opening is a unique trait of the nijiriguchi.
**An alcove built into the architecture above the tatami room floor which is decorated with a hanging scroll, ornaments, and flowers.

Be Amazed by the Stylish Room Wear

One of the attractions is the hotel's stylish original room wear. The beautiful white and indigo gradient has been carefully dyed by artisans who have carried on the Japanese tradition. The characteristic silhouette is inspired by kimono.

The Perfect Base for Sightseeing

The hotel is conveniently located at Ningyocho Station. You can get there from either Narita or Haneda Airport via the Toei Asakusa Line. Limousine buses for both airports arrive at and depart from the bus terminal a few minutes' walk from the hotel. It is also only a 5-minute taxi ride from the Yaesu Exit of Tokyo Station.
Another attraction is the ability to smoothly access the main areas within the city. For example, it is located very close to TOKYO SKY TREE and is directly accessible via the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line to Asakusa Station, which has many sights to see such as Sensoji Temple; Akihabara Station, the mecca for otaku culture; and Ginza and Roppongi Stations, areas brimming with various shopping spots, making it the perfect base for sightseeing in Tokyo.

At Hotel Zen Tokyo, you can expect a compact yet comfortable stay. Why not choose this fantastic place to stay during your visit to Tokyo?

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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