Five Incredible Luxury Hotels Near Tokyo Station

Among the various types of accommodations available in Tokyo, this article introduces five luxury hotels recommended for those looking for a stay that is a cut above the rest. They are all right by Tokyo Station, making them convenient bases for sightseeing.

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1. Shangri-La Hotel TOKYO

This is a five-star hotel that’s adjacent to Tokyo Station. It is known for its sophisticated Western-style services and warm Asian-style hospitality. It has been recognized in the Michelin Guide and has won a variety of awards in Japan and internationally. Each of its 200 guest rooms have fantastic views and are among the largest in Tokyo. The hotel has a wide selection of on-site facilities that offer comfort and grace, including restaurants like a Japanese restaurant with a view of TOKYO SKYTREE and a fitness gym with a pool. There are staff who speak English, Chinese, Korean, Italian, and French.


This is a hotel that has been considered one of the most prestigious hotels in Japan since opening in 1890 as a state guesthouse. The guest rooms combine refined beauty and functionality. There’s a wide variety, starting from the superior rooms on the Premium Tower floors, which have panoramic views of Tokyo. The hotel also has a full range of facilities, such as a lounge with beautiful views, a French restaurant, and a fitness center. Enjoy the thoughtful hospitality of one of Japan's most famous hotels here! They have staff who can speak English.

3. Tokyo Station Hotel

This is a hotel with a history of more than 100 years. It is located within the grounds of Tokyo Station's Marunouchi. It is a place steeped in history, with a structure that is an Important Cultural Property of the country, yet it offers sophisticated hospitality and the comfort of modern functionality. There is a wide range of room types, including ones with close-up views of the station's dome and maisonette rooms, all of which are decorated in a classical European style. There are a variety of on-site facilities, including a gallery showing the history of the hotel and a selection of restaurants.


This is a luxury inn offered by Hoshino Resort, which manages unique accommodations around the country. Its concept is "a Japanese inn in a tower". As such, it is a building with two underground floors and 17 upper floors. It follows Japanese traditions and sense of beauty, with an entrance area where you leave your shoes and guest rooms with tatami flooring that have Japanese-style décor made using materials like bamboo. With large shared baths that have hot spring water, a spa, and a lounge that serves Japanese tea and sake, this is a hotel for thoroughly enjoying Japanese hospitality. They have staff who can speak English.

5. Palace Hotel Tokyo

This hotel has been highly rated both in Japan and abroad, winning five stars for three consecutive years in the Forbes Travel Guide. They have a total of 290 rooms that come in a variety of types, each designed to feel spacious, including the suite with a 40 sq.m. terrace. The hotel is a sophisticated space adorned with more than 700 works of art. It also has plenty of facilities, including 10 restaurants and bars, as well as a spa by the Evian Resort in France. There are staff who speak English.

Each of these hotels welcome their guests with the finest hospitality and are recommended for those who wish to spend a luxurious time away from their daily lives.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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