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5 Exquisite Hotels in Tokyo With A Traditional Atmosphere

In this article, we will introduce 5 recommended luxurious hotels with Japanese aesthetics that are excellent places to stay when touring Tokyo.


1. Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo

Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo is in a location blessed with rich foliage. It has a mixture of Japanese and Western designs, and has a calm and relaxing atmosphere.
There are many aspects of this hotel with traditional Japanese qualities, like the large 6,000 square meter beautiful Japanese garden and the lobby lounge called "Bamboo" because it has bamboo on all sides. The guestrooms have many varieties, all Japanese-inspired, to choose from. This is a hotel where you can relax and forget about the bustle of the big city.

1. Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo

2. Hotel New Otani (Tokyo)

Hotel New Otani (Tokyo) is located near the imperial palace and is on the preserved site of a villa that belonged to Kiyomasa Kato, a military commander of the Edo era. It has a distinctive 40,000 square meter Japanese garden with 400 years of history.
The garden, with a path around a central pond, features a 300 year old giant tree, rich foliage, stone lanterns, a stone garden, and a waterfall, so you can indulge in Japanese aesthetics to your heart's content. A scarlet bridge called Taiko Bashi and Kiyoizumi Ike, a pond with approximately 350 koi fish, are too beautiful to miss. The amazing scenery of this garden can be observed from most of the restaurants in the hotel. It would be nice to enjoy their delicious cuisine and relax after exploring the garden.

2. Hotel New Otani (Tokyo)

3. Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

The main characteristics of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo are the beautiful Japanese garden with seasonal scenery and the European interior. Their large Japanese garden, with more than 130 years of history, has a lot to see. The cherry blossoms will be in bloom in spring and fireflies can be seen in summer. They also have a three-storied pagoda, a shrine, and a waterfall in the garden. The scenery is very Japanese, and you can bask in it until you're satisfied. All the restaurants of this hotel have garden views, but the best place to enjoy the garden is the restaurant Kinsui, in the garden itself.

3. Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

4. Hilltop Hotel

Hilltop Hotel is located on a small hill with a forest. This stately hotel was favored by many great writers of Japan like Yukio Mishima, Shotaro Ikenami, and Seicho Matsumoto. This hotel is also well known for appearing in a number of novels. The building is highly valued for its relaxed and classical atmosphere. This is a place where you can feel the ambience of the early Showa era (1926 to 1989). It is also nice to enjoy some quality time at the bar in emulation of the great Japanese writers.

5. Hotel Okura Tokyo

Hotel Okura Tokyo is undergoing reconstruction of their main building until 2019. It is a historical hotel that has been described as "119,000 square meters of art" between the main building and the annex. Presently, the hotel is operating with an annex only, though the annex also holds many charms of its own. The building displays many aspects of traditional Japanese beauty like the traditional Japanese patterns on the walls, the large folding screen painting, and the graceful flower arrangement. At restaurant Yamazato, relocated from the main building, high-quality Japanese cuisine like kaiseki cuisine, tempura, and dishes made using seasonal ingredients can be enjoyed. Yamazato was one of the restaurants represented at the Shanghai World Expo. Please enjoy the incomparable taste offered by this restaurant.

There are many hotels in Tokyo where you can enjoy a beautiful Japanese atmosphere with amazing gardens and interiors. We hope you find your favorite hotel in Tokyo.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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