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4 Ryokan in Tokyo Where You Can Feel a Japanese Atmosphere

Did you know that in all of the lodging places in Tokyo, there are also ryokan that will allow you to experience the traditional atmosphere? If you want to stay in a place like this, look no further. Here are 4 recommended ryokan in Tokyo.


1. Miyabiyado Takamine

This ryokan is a hidden gem two stations away from JR Shinjuku Station. You can experience staying in a tranquil hot spring inn while still being in the center of the city. Each room has its own bath, and some rooms even have their own open-air bath and sauna. There are rooms with beds as well. You can eat genuine kaiseki-style cuisine in your room, and they also have 24 hour room service so if you get hungry in the middle of the night you can still order something. They have a late-night check-in plan that offers a deal, so it's perfect for people who want to enjoy the nightlife until late before staying in a calm ryokan. (Indoor bath available, some rooms have beds, WiFi available)

2. Sukeroku no Yado Sadachiyo

Around 1 minute away from Asakusa Station on the Tsukuba Express is an inn where you can immerse yourself in an Edo atmosphere. The interior decorations all promote that aesthetic, such as the use of ukiyo-e paintings. They have various plans you can take advantage of, such as a tour where you're taken around Tokyo's famous places and historic spots by a koudanshi (a traditional storytelling master) or parties where you can enjoy a geisha dancing and playing the Tsugaru shamisen, a traditional stringed instrument. This is the inn for people who want to have Edo-only experiences that even many Japanese people haven't had. (Rooms equipped with baths, WiFi, and futons)

2. Sukeroku no Yado Sadachiyo

3. Ryokan Kamogawa

This inn has great access to many sightseeing spots like Kaminarimon and Sensoji as well as being just 30 seconds from Nakamise-dori, Japan's oldest shopping arcade. Even though it's in the center of the city it's reasonably priced. This ryokan is great for people who want to enjoy Asakusa when it isn't crowded such as the early morning or late at night, and for those who want to enjoy the halcyon days of Tokyo as well as the latest additions like Tokyo Skytree. (WiFi available, each room has futons, baths only in certain rooms)

4. Minwa no Yado Arasawaya Ryokan

Arasawaya Ryokan is in Okutama, an area where you can enjoy the outdoors thanks to the campground and fishing hole nearby. This inn offers food made with freshwater fish raised in clear streams and wasabi from Okutama, so you can have meals that use local ingredients that make the best out of the season. There's a private onsen that draws water from the Tsuru no Yu hot spring, so you can even enjoy onsen. If you make prior reservations you could have an expert come and speak to you about the area (Japanese only) as you sit around an irori, a hearth set into the floor. This is great for people who want to experience life in the Japanese countryside. (WiFi available, futons, rooms don't have attached baths)

Photography by Atelier Afullo

Photography by Atelier Afullo

4. Minwa no Yado Arasawaya Ryokan

There are plenty of inns with traditional Japanese aesthetics in Tokyo, so please look for ways to add them to your itinerary! Please enjoy staying in one of these types of inns.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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