Luxury hotels in Tokyo that you need to spend a night at!

Everybody surely dreams about staying at a luxury hotel. There are many luxury hotels in Tokyo, and in this article you will find a selection of the 6 that we recommend the most.


1. Imperial Hotel Tokyo

The Imperial Hotel Tokyo opened in Hibiya in 1890 with the specific purpose of welcoming honored guests in Japan. While it is located right at the heart of Tokyo and directly adjacent to Marunouchi and Ginza, it is surrounded by greenery in the form of the Hibiya Park and the outer gardens of the Imperial Palace, which contribute to create a calm environment. The guest list includes historical figures like Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, and Helen Keller, and thanks to the high quality of its service and its comfort, the hotel continues to be today the top choice of international celebrities and state guests such as royal families from overseas and government officials for their stays in Japan. The standard guest rooms use furniture in colors such as white, beige, and brown to create a calm atmosphere. In addition, the hotel provides 7 different types of pillows to choose from, so that all guests will be able to have a good night sleep that allows them to recover from the exhaustion of their journey. Their hospitality, cultivated over more than 120 years since establishment, is something that you should experience at least once.

1. Imperial Hotel Tokyo

2. Hotel Okura Tokyo

The Hotel Okura Tokyo was built upon the idea of "gathering the best of architecture, interior design, and Japanese art to create an international hotel unique to Japan." The main building, completed in 1962, is especially looked up to by creators all over the world as a masterpiece of 'Modernism Architecture'. The hotel, designed in a radial pattern that combines three annexes, named East, South, and North, offers a total of 801 guest rooms, and is built in such a way that all the rooms have access to a view of the outside world. The hotel also has a Japanese-style garden within its premises where guests can appreciate the beauty of nature throughout the four seasons - a stroll here is surely a lot of fun!
*The main building is currently under renovation. Part of the facilities from the main building have been transferred temporarily to an annex.

3. Hotel New Otani

The Hotel New Otani was built on a vast land measuring about 67,000 square meters in order to provide lodging facilities for people visiting Japan from abroad for the Tokyo Olympics of 1964. The Main wing, which was built using the flexible structure theory that would become the base for skyscrapers thereafter, is famous for being a historical building that opened up the path for skyscrapers in Japan. The interior of the hotel is decorated in a simplistic style with a slight Japanese touch, and the full windows of the guest rooms overlook the beautiful 400-year-old Japanese garden, the rose garden, and the skyscrapers of Shinjuku. The revolving lounge on the top of the hotel, with a diameter of 45 meters, is another symbol of the New Otani too. It is famed for being the best in the East, and guests can enjoy a variety of fishes here as the restaurant rotates 360 degrees. The service is also outstanding, as you might expect from a long-established hotel like this one, which helps make your stay all the more comfortable.

4. Park Hyatt Tokyo

The Park Hyatt Tokyo, designed by Japan's representative architect Genzo Tange, is a skyscraper that has become a symbol of the new downtown area of Shinjuku. The hotel offers 177 guest rooms between floors 39 and 52 of the Park Tower, and it is a representative of foreign luxury hotels in Japan. Designed aiming to create a getaway for adults wishing to forget about the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, the hotel is indeed an amazing space that combines functionality and design outstandingly. All guest rooms are located on floor 42 or higher, which means that you can command a view of the whole city of Tokyo below from any of them. This is one of the most popular hotels in Japan as well, having ranked number 1 in the Traveler's Choice "Best Hotel 2014" list on TripAdvisor, the world's largest travel site. We definitely recommend staying at least once in this hotel.

4. Park Hyatt Tokyo

5. The Westin Tokyo

The charm of The Westin Tokyo lies in the fact that, while it enjoys a great location in Ebisu Garden Place, it is also surrounded by rich greenery, which makes it a very relaxing space. The hotel is decorated in a European style with beautifully textured wooden furniture, and a classic atmosphere drifts about. Standard guest rooms are spacious, measuring 42 square meters, so guests can really unwind and relax. A special feature of this hotel are their "Heavenly Beds" developed jointly by the Westin Hotels and Resorts and luxury bedding manufacturer Simmons in the pursuit of the ideal sleep. The beds are known for providing ultimate comfort for an unforgettable sleep experience. A night in one of these beds is all you need to get ready for a sightseeing trip the next day.

5. The Westin Tokyo

6. Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

The Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, in the quiet area of Mejiro on the Yamanote line, is a luxury hotel standing within a garden that, despite being right in the center of Tokyo, will never fail to make you forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Their elegant standard guest rooms, decorated in a European style, measure 45 square meters, which makes them the largest hotel rooms available in the metropolitan area. Within the vast Japanese-style garden that surrounds the hotel, there is a tea-ceremony house called "Zangetsu" that was built as a reproduction of Zangetsutei, a national tangible cultural asset located within the mansion of Sen no Rikyu, the father of tea ceremony. This hotel offers a variety of experiences for foreign travelers visiting Japan, such as helping them wear a kimono, a garden tour, and Japanese conversation courses. The highly hospitable staff help you all throughout your stay, which makes them very reliable. The calm atmosphere of the hotel, the sophisticated garden, and the high quality service all combine so that you can make the most out of your stay.

6. Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

Did you enjoy the article? All the featured hotels are greatly located, offer high grade interior decor, and welcome travelers with the ultimate level of hospitality. Indulge in the unique Japanese hospitality in any of these hotels to make your trip to Japan a definitely unforgettable experience.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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