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YouTubers Simon & Martina participated in the activity "A Day with a Soba-Making Master in Tokyo" thanks to WOW! JAPAN Experience+.

Simon & Martina Talk About Their Experience

Ito Sensei began the lesson with a quick history lesson on how soba flour came about and I was amazed to learn that one of the Japanese Empress’ was reigning during a rice shortage and decided to switch over to growing soba instead since it could handle harsher weather conditions. In turn, they had to invent a stronger milling system to get the husks off the tough plant.

Enjoying Their Own Soba

At the end of our meal, we were also served a pot of what looked like murky tea. Turns out it was the starchy water the soba noodles were cooked in, and it’s called sobayu (そば湯), literally “hot soba water.” Mixing it with the leftover dipping sauce, it created a thick starchy and yummy soup to end our meal.

A Soba Making Experience Where You Can Learn How to Make It Like the Pros

Learning to roll the “v” shape was actually described differently by Ito Sensei. He used the number eight to describe it and at first I was very confused since I was thinking of the English number “8”. But then I realized he meant 八 “hachi” the Japanese number for eight. When you think about the Kanji for it (八) it is the perfect way to describe how to roll the pin.

The Soba Kiri was very difficult to use. So difficult that Martina’s fingers locked up completely due to the pressure of pushing so hard against the knife to steady it. We had to peel her hand off the knife because she couldn’t unlock her fingers. You’d think that cutting super soft noodles would be easy, but the awkward size of the knife plus the concern that you’ll push too hard on the board and smoosh all your noodles into one giant square made it challenging.

A Soba Making Experience Where You Can Learn How to Make It Like the Pros

Simon & Martina's YouTube Video About Their Experience!

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YouTubers: Simon & Martina

Simon & Martina moved to South Korea from Canada and not long after they began making YouTube videos, their channel broke 3 billion views total. Their popularity wasn't just in South Korea, but also the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Singapore, and many European countries until they grew to be world-famous creators. In 2016, they moved from South Korea after living there for 8 years to Japan, and now they make a wide variety of videos about genres like Japanese tourism, food, and culture.

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