【Tokyo】Japanese Shaved Ice from Frozen Buckwheat Tea Debuts for a Limited Time!!

Gonpachi, a restaurant operated by Global Dining Inc., has begun selling three types of kakigori (shaved ice) (680 JPY (excl. tax)) at its Asakusa Azumabashi branch. Available only during the summer season, these frozen delights will be sold until the end of September.

Gonpachi has created new flavors of fragrant kakigori (shaved ice) made from frozen sobacha (buckwheat tea). Boasting fine consistency and texture that will make you feel like you are eating snow that melts in your mouth, the kakigori at this shop has transformed this delight into the ultimate Japanese sweet by fusing thick, carefully hand-made cream with syrup.

Sobacha x Azuki Cream

To create this kakigori, frozen dattan-sobacha (buckwheat water) is shaved and azuki (red bean) cream is generously poured on top. This is the impeccable combination of sobacha with an intense aroma and thick azuki cream with rich sweetness.

Matcha & Mascarpone

Fragrant and bittersweet matcha is best paired with fresh cream that has smooth and rich mascarpone cheese inside. The gold foil added for decoration makes this kakigori such a luxurious dessert.

Mango & Condensed Milk

With this kakigori, you will get to enjoy three types of mango: cascading mango flesh, sherbet and homemade puree. The rich and sweet condensed milk goes really well with juicy mango.

Gonpachi Asakusa Azumabashi Branch

2-1-15 Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Gonpachi has just released three flavors of kakigori, comprising the fragrant buckwheat tea with rich azuki red bean cream, bittersweet matcha with full-flavored mascarpone, and juicy mango with thick condensed milk. So, how about savoring this “wa” (Japanese) delight for a limited time this summer? [This article was originally published in Walkerplus on 07.31.2017]

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