Trendy Gourmet Spots in Tokyo! Best 3 Niku Baru Places to Try in Tokyo

The unprecedented meat boom does not seem to be stopping anytime soon as it is still constantly evolving, with the number of “niku baru” (literally meaning “meat bar,” this is a place that specializes in meat dishes) where customers can dine on high-quality meats at pocket-friendly prices manifesting a sharp rise over the recent years. Shintaro Tanabe, who serves as the “Niku Meister” (Meat Master), claims that, “The origin of the meat boom of late is the lean meat. If you are looking for cheap yet delicious meat that offers great value for your money, then it would be best to pick a shop that is run by a company that specializes in meat, as it possesses a stable supply of meat and solid know-how on meat!” Here are three shops that come highly recommended by this meat connoisseur.

<1> GINZA STEAK BAR DAIGO (Ginza), a spot for enjoying authentic aged steaks in a casual atmosphere

This spot lets guests enjoy high-quality meats anytime in Ginza, such as Japanese black beef that has been aged for 40 days. By grilling the meat at 300℃ on an iron plate until its surface becomes savory and then letting the meat slowly cook with the remaining heat while it is cooling, the delicious flavors in the red meat are condensed, so you can fully enjoy the characteristic taste of aged meat.

When asked about the highlight of this shop, the Niku Meister said that, “The major selling points of this shop are its atmosphere and the prices of its dishes that are affordable even though it is located in Ginza, which is an elite neighborhood in the country! Further, their meats are authentic dry aged beef that have been aged for 40 days. There are also Western-style dishes, so you will be fully satisfied.”


B1 Ginza Five, 5-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

<2> Niku Bar CARNIVOR (Akasaka), a place that buys whole heads of Rank A5 Yamagata beef cattle

The Niku Meister recommended this shop by saying that, “Yamagata beef and Japanese black beef are served in grilled style that will let you taste the inherent flavors of the meat. One of the appeals of this shop is its ability to offer dishes that incorporate the valuable parts of cattle at such affordable prices in Akasaka since it buys the whole head of meat.”


1/2F FR Bldg., 3-15-13 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo

<3> Yakiniku HEIJOUEN Ginza 6-Chome Shop (Higashi-Ginza), serving aged Kobe beef at fair prices

At this restaurant, Kobe beef is aged for 40 days to bring out its distinct aroma and sweet taste to the fullest. A whole cut of beef is grilled in front of you until the surface becomes savory, moved to an oven and slowly baked at 250℃, and then taken out and cut right in front of you. This dish offers a superb performance worthy of such a high-end shop. The Niku Meister has such high praises for this shop, noting that, “This is a place where precious aged beef made of world-famous Kobe beef that is aged for 40 days under strict control can be enjoyed at such low prices in Ginza. They also have a rich collection of bar dishes such as tapas that use aged meat and an extensive list of draft wines and other drinks that go well with the dishes.”

Yakiniku HEIJOUEN Ginza 6-Chome Shop

1F Imon Ginza Miyuki Street Bldg., 6-13-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

[This article was originally published in Walkerplus on 05.02.2017]

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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