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A Taiwanese Dessert Shop with 505 Outlets Worldwide Finally Opens in Japan

Meet Fresh, a Taiwanese dessert chain with 505 stores in Asia and around the world, opened its flagship store in Japan on Saturday, April 8, 2017. The new store in Akabane will mark the chain's entry into the Japanese market.

Meet Fresh, which offers classic homemade Taiwanese desserts using traditional techniques and additive-free ingredients, is now one of Asia's leading desserts chains with 505 stores around the world (12 in Taiwan, 459 in China, 13 others in Asia, 17 in Oceania, 4 in North America). It is highly rated by Japanese tourists in Taiwan for the traditional Taiwanese desserts, such as taro balls, herbal jelly, and tofu pudding, which offer similar comfort and reliability of classic Japanese desserts, such as anmitsu and oshiruko, served at Japanese desserts shops, which are becoming less common.

Taro Ball Series

Colorful and chewy taro balls, made from taro, sweet potato, red beans, barley, and tapioca, etc. are served on top of crushed ice with syrup made from brown cane sugar. This is a menu item with a gentle sweetness that is just right.

Herbal Jelly Series

This is a jelly dessert made from a Taiwanese herb (Chinese mesona). A very smooth and plump jelly and ingredients such as taro balls, sweet potato, red beans, barley, tapioca, etc. are placed on top of crushed ice mixed with Chinese mesona juice and brown cane sugar syrup and drizzled with fresh milk.

Tofu Pudding Series

Tofu pudding, which is carefully made from soy milk, is a nostalgic, comforting and healthy dish for the Taiwanese. It is served with toppings such as taro, sweet potato, sweet beans, and barley.

Crushed Ice Series

These are non-standard, large servings of crushed ice. They are very popular, and consist of huge bowls of crushed ice with ingredients such as fresh fruit, sweet beans, taro, and ice cream topped with an original syrup and milk.

Drinks Series

In addition to the bubble tea that originates in Taiwan, more than 30 types of hot and cold drinks such as Meet Fresh's original pudding milk tea, herbal jelly cream tea, almond kernel tapioca milk, and matcha tapioca milk (available only in Japan) can be enjoyed.

There is a large selection of menu items and toppings. Try them to find your favorite Taiwanese dessert!

[This article was originally published in Walkerplus on 04.06.2017]

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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