The Much Awaited New Branch of the Ultra Kaiju Monster Bar, Kaiju Sakaba to Open in Shimbashi

Kaiju Sakaba, the world's first kaiju monster-themed izakaya restaurant that launched in Kawasaki in March 2014, is scheduled to open a Kaiju Sakaba Shimbashi Joryujo in the salaryman haven of Shimbashi in late May.

The new location looks like a bar in a secret distillery that the kaiju monsters have made in an underground cave. It will have the same worldview as Kaiju Sakaba in Kawasaki, but with a unique twist. There will be special highballs as well as an original menu and a large selection of original goods.

The bar in Kawasaki initially opened for a limited period of one year. It was a place where Ultra Kaiju monsters, who sometimes fought well against the heroes, but sometimes were beaten black and blue, gathered every night to forget their troubles, recharge, and plan their next intrigue. Until then, it had been operating in secret, but the decision was made to open it to humans just for a few hours a night.... This is the concept based on which the bar runs as a place that the "eternally young" can drink, make merry, and enjoy themselves as if they were children again. Based on its popularity among both men and women of all ages between 20 and 70, it became a permanent establishment. It remains popular three years on, so much so that on days with special events, the wait can be as long as three or four hours.

It's been 50 years since Ultraman was first aired. Why not enter the world of the Ultra Kaiju and experience being a child again? [This article was originally published in Walkerplus on 03.19.2017]

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