Chocolates for Adults at the Whisky Library

Witness the birth of a true marriage of whisky and chocolate that you can only taste here.

TOKYO Whisky Library, a bar and lounge with an overwhelming array of about 1,000 kinds of whisky from all over the world, has collaborated with the famous Minimal -Bean to Bar Chocolate-, the exclusive shop for Tomigaya’s Bean to Bar Chocolate (chocolate made by carrying out all processes involved in its creation in the shop starting from the processing of the cacao beans), to create original chocolates that will perfectly match whisky.

Pair Yamazaki Whisky with a single-origin chocolate containing 70% Vietnamese cacao that is characterized by its berry-like fruity taste. The combination of the soft, sweet taste of whisky and the fruity flavors of chocolate creates a concentrated taste that resembles fruit jam. Enjoy the flavors of the chocolate up to the last bite and aroma of whisky.

For the Maker’s Mark Whisky, the best chocolate would have to be the single-origin chocolate with 80% cacao that is sourced from Trinidad and Tobago. This chocolate is known for its aroma from herbs, mint, and wood. The nuance of the bourbon barrel and the herb-like and woody taste and scent of chocolate will fuse together to give you a new flavor with a hint of menthol.

The Macallan Whisky will go really well with the single-origin chocolate with 80% Ghanan cacao that is famous for its strong roast smell that comes from its intense roasting process. The high cacao concentration of the chocolate will balance the strong whisky. Meanwhile, the aftertaste of the whisky will mix with the spiciness of the chocolate from roasting, thereby giving you a sense of prolonged aftertaste and richer flavor.

Now the Bowmore Whisky would be best partnered with the single-origin chocolate with 80% Haitian cacao content. This chocolate is characterized by its flavors that will make you think of roasted almonds. By combining this whisky, which has a strong and unique scent of peat, with a mild chocolate, the cacao will fuse with the piquant peat scent to transform into a whole new aroma.

The chocolates that are available at this bar and lounge that is filled with the Tokyo atmosphere are truly exceptionalt

This breathtaking space that is filled with whiskies in the same way a library is filled with books, and the alcohol brings music and conversation together. So, how about trying out some chocolates for adults at this bar and lounge that has the true vibe of Tokyo in the air? [TokyoWalker/セキノユリカ]

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