[Must-See for Ramen Fans] Many Famous Restaurants Under One Roof at the Tokyo Ramen Show 2018

The Tokyo Ramen Show is an extremely popular event where guests get to eat various ramen concoctions from all over Japan. You will surely find yourself in awe of the noodles and soup that are painstakingly made using special ingredients from a certain area or region! With that, here are the secrets behind the popularity and the ways to enjoy the Tokyo Ramen Show 2018.

What is the Tokyo Ramen Show 2018?

The biggest of its kind in all of Japan, the Tokyo Ramen Show is a famous ramen event that will be marking its 10th anniversary in 2018. At this event, guests get to eat their favorite ramen from a total of 36 famous restaurants (18 restaurants in each run of the event) and then cast a vote for the ramen that they find most delicious. This festival showcases famous ramen joints from every corner of the country, so you will find several kinds of ramen, many of which were made with careful attention to using regional ingredients and specialty products. Tasting and comparing them is sure to make you feel like you actually traveled to those areas! It is held inside a park and admission is free of charge, so you can drop by and eat some ramen while taking a break from sightseeing.

Venue: Central Plaza of Komazawa Olympic Park
Dates: Part 1: October 25th (Thu) - October 30th (Tue), Part 2: October 31st (Wed) - November 4th (Sun)
Time: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm (rain or shine) Tickets: 850 JPY per ticket (to be exchanged for a bowl of ramen) *Advance tickets will be sold at 7-Eleven for 850 JPY per ticket. You can also get a set of 5 tickets for 4,000 JPY (limited quantity, available until November 3rd).

What is the Tokyo Ramen Show 2018?

1-1 Komazawa-koen, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

Highlights of the Tokyo Ramen Show 2018

The Tokyo Ramen Show 2018 is the biggest ramen festival in Japan, so it only showcases restaurants that serve delicious and unique ramen! The real pleasure of going to this event is finding that one bowl of ramen that perfectly matches your taste. To find this ramen, it is best to look at the photos and explanations on the pamphlets and official homepage of the event. If you narrow down your search based on the type of soup (soy sauce, salt, or tonkotsu (pork bone)), the flavor concentration, and the thickness of noodles, then it will be easier to discover a bowl of ramen that you like. Note that all the restaurants at this event are popular joints, so even if it’s a type of ramen that you don’t usually eat, you just might meet a new kind of delicious ramen!
You shouldn’t miss the collaborations of famous ramen restaurants, too! They offer ramen concoctions that you can’t find anywhere else, making them a must-try!

Noko Uni Soba from Tsukemen/Ramen Katsuryu

What Restaurants Will Be There?

From the list of famous restaurants that set up a booth in last year’s event, some of the restaurants that will appear again at the 2018 event are Kanazawa Mentatsu Kenrokukai, which serves ramen with broiled local pork ribs and a strong miso flavor; Tsukemen/Ramen Katsuryu, a place that offers ramen with a generous amount of uni (sea urchin) immersed in thick chicken soup; and Sapporo Misono, which serves up ramen that tastes strongly of fragrant sauteed kegani (hairy crab) and miso. Furthermore, Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto, which was very popular last year thanks to its collaboration with another restaurant, will be teaming up with Ippudo this year. There’s no doubt that the spicy meat miso of Nakamoto and the tonkotsu soup of Ippudo will whet your appetite! These four restaurants will surely be crowded, so if you spot a lull in the crowd, don’t miss the chance to taste their ramen!

Noko Miso “Hono/Aburi” Nikumori Soba Kanazawa Hyakunen Miso 2018 Version from Kanazawa Mentatsu Kenrokukai

Sapporo Noko Kegani Miso Ramen from Sapporo Misono

Try These Creations!

At last year’s event, there were also ramen creations chosen by professional chefs on top of the ramen dishes that won in the popular vote. The ramen concoctions that were picked were from Ramen Toride and Sapporo Ramen Musashi. The Bakangoto Ebishio Ramen from Ramen Toride combines flavorful shrimp oil with a delicious soup extracted from shellfish, so you can enjoy the delicious taste of seafood to your heart’s content. Meanwhile, the Umakara Jukusei Miso Ramen from Sapporo Ramen Musashi offers a blend of miso - made with a secret recipe - and homemade broad chili bean paste to give it not just spiciness, but also that distinct robustness in flavor.

Since you’ll find famous ramen shops from all over Japan at the Tokyo Ramen Show, you can enjoy your time there by tasting the specialty ramen of each region. The Ganso Tonkotsu! “Noko/Yobimodoshi” Kurume Ramen from Ramen Kurume Honda Shoten is a delicious and authentic tonkotsu ramen that is characterized by its rich tonkotsu soup and chewy homemade noodles. Meanwhile, the Echizen Noko Kani Miso Ramen from RAMEN W is a bowl of ramen that draws out the delicious flavor of red snow crabs and the richness of miso to the fullest.

Ganso Tonkotsu! “Noko/Yobimodoshi” Kurume Ramen from Ramen Kurume Honda Shoten

Echizen Noko Kani Miso Ramen from RAMEN W

How to Get There

It takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes from Kyoto and about 2 hours and 30 minutes from Osaka to get to Tokyo by shinkansen (bullet train). From Tokyo Station, get on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line, transfer to the Hanzomon Line (goes through the tracks of Tokyu Den'en Toshi Line) at Otemachi Station, and then get off at Komazawa-daigaku Station. Komazawa Olympic Park is an approximately 12-minute walk from there.

Reminders When Visiting the Event

Lots of people will be coming to this event, so try to come at a time when it is not that packed. It will be especially crowded at lunchtime on weekends and national holidays, so aim to visit right after it opens or on weekdays. It is best to secure advance tickets in order to avoid the crowds, but note that same-day and advance tickets are not refundable.
Also, for the sake of those visiting the event after you, make sure to dispose of the containers you use and any trash according to the instructions of the event venue.

A bowl of hot ramen tastes even better during this season, when it can get quite cold. So, with this article in hand as a reference, check out this event to eat all the delicious ramen you can handle!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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