Five Select Japanese Restaurants in the Nihonbashi Area Over 100 Years Old

During the Edo period (1603 - 1868) Nihonbashi was the center of Japanese food culture where people and ingredients from all over the country gathered. Here are five carefully selected Japanese restaurants in Nihonbashi that have preserved their traditional flavors for over 100 years.

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1. Ooedo

Eel kabayaki broiled in a soy-based sauce has been a popular dish since the Edo period. This restaurant opened around the year 1800, and since then, has progressed together with the history of kabayaki. The best dish to fully enjoy the soft eel that is the pride of the restaurant is the Unajyu (3,600 JPY (excl. tax)), with the eel kabayaki served on a bed of rice. The Umaki (1,600 JPY (excl. tax)), with the eel kabayaki rolled in an Edo-style sweet tamagoyaki omelet, is also popular. In addition, the Kabayaki Nihon Ryori Teishoku (8,500 JPY and up (excl. tax)), which includes unajyu and standard Japanese dishes, such as sashimi and nimono, is aso rocommended.

2. Takashimaya

At this restaurant, which was established in 1875, you can enjoy eel kabayaki made with a sauce that has been preserved unchanged since the time the restaurant was established, and a brand-name eel, the Kyosui Unagi, that is lovingly nurtured over a longer period of time than at other eel farms. The combination of the sauce that is light yet full of umami flavors and the soft eel that seems to melt in the mouth is outstanding. In particular, the Unagi Jyubako (2,400 JPY (incl. tax) and up), with eel kabayaki served on top of rice, is recommended. This restaurant also offers the Unagi Bento (price of an Unagi Jyubako plus 200 JPY (incl. tax)) for takeout. This bento comes in a special container that releases the steam by pulling on a string, so that the eel can be enjoyed hot at any time.

3. Yoshino Main Store

This is a historic restaurant established in 1879 serving Edo-style sushi. The ingredients are procured each day at the market and carefully prepared to be lovingly made into sushi. All the toppings are good, so the Nigirizushi (1,500 JPY and up), which allows you to enjoy a balanced selection of toppings, is recommended. Enjoy not just the taste, but also the brightly colored beauty of authentic Edo-style sushi. The Chirashizushi (1,500 JPY and up), with a variety of fresh ingredients scattered on top of rice, is also very tasty.

3. Yoshino Main Store

4. Janoichi Honten

This is a historic restaurant of Edo-style sushi that was established in 1889. This restaurant is distinguished by a wide selection of elaborate courses. If you want to have a relaxing meal in the private room, the Sushi Kaiseki (5,000 JPY (excl. tax) and up), that includes six to eight nigiri sushi, sashimi, and soup is recommended. If you want to sit at the counter, the Counter Omakase (5,000 JPY (excl. tax) and up, will start with an appetizer, followed by the chef's selection of nigiri sushi, and finish with a sweet. There is also a reasonably priced Nihonbashi Lunch (980 JPY (excl. tax)), with a choice of either nigiri or chirashi sushi. The restaurant also offers a wide selection of rare sake.

5. Sunaba

This restaurant has been serving quality soba noodles under the motto that "soba is Japanese culture" since its establishment in 1869. The Tenzaru (1,600 JPY (incl. tax)), of chewy and slightly sweet soba noodles made with sarashina flour from just the center of the buckwheat kernels dipped in a sweet and savory Edo-style soba sauce with kakiage tempura, originated from this restaurant. The soft Tamagoyaki (650 JPY (incl. tax)), a Japanese omelet made with clear flavors of dashi broth, is a standard menu item of soba shops and is very good.

The food at all of these restaurants is guaranteed by their continuing popularity for over 100 years. Please visit them to enjoy Japan's traditional flavors.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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Writer: Arata Ishiko

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