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Try it at least once! 5 Delicious Ramen Restaurants in Tokyo (Tantanmen Edition)

Some famous ramen flavors are shoyu (soy sauce), miso and salt, but there is also tantanmen, a spicy flavor made with red pepper and Japanese pepper. Many Japanese tantanmen noodles are made based off Chinese dandanmian, but with an original twist in seasoning. Here are 5 delicious tantanmen restaurants in Tokyo that you should visit at least once.

1. Soryu Togyokudo Ryudocho

This restaurant is close to the National Art Center, Tokyo, in the heart of Roppongi. It has table seats on the first floor, and private rooms for a party or dinner with clients on the second and third floors. You can not only enjoy orthodox Chinese course cuisine, but also savor tantanmen from the a la carte menu. The Ao Sansho Tantanmen (1,000 JPY (excl. tax)) made with spicy young Japanese pepper and the spicy Kurenai Mala Tantanmen (1,000 JPY (excl. tax)) are popular and receive raving reviews thanks to the numbing yet addictive spiciness.

The second floor. To be used by party of 2 to 40.

1. Soryu Togyokudo Ryudocho

Kasho Kaikan 1 to 3F, 7-5-10 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

2. Ryutenmon

This is a Chinese restaurant which serves orthodox Cantonese cuisine located on the second floor of the Westin Hotel Tokyo, a hotel representative of Japanese hospitality. Their tantanmen (2,400 JPY) is a specialty on their hidden menu, so it's not indicated on the actual menu. It is spicy yet mild, and made with thin noodles are used. For lunch (3,550 JPY to 8,000 JPY), you can substitute rice for tantanmen at an additional cost of 700 JPY. ※Excluding tax and service fee

※The photo is for illustration purposes.

The inside of the restaurant has a profound atmosphere, with black and gold as its basic colors.

2. Ryutenmon

Westin Hotel Tokyo 2F (Inside Ebisu Garden Place), 1-4-1 Mita, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

3. Shisen Tantanmen Aun Yushima Branch

This is a tantanmen specialty restaurant. This restaurant is particular about the ingredients used, such as their chili oil that's the foundation of the spiciness in their noodles as well as Sichuan pepper, which might make your tongue go numb. The pepper is milled every day so that it doesn't grow stale. They offer 2 kinds of tantanmen (830 JPY (incl. tax)), with soup or "tsuyu nashi," without soup. You can also choose the spiciness of soup from level 0 to level 6. If you like spicy food, try level 4 which is three times spicier than the standard level 3!


3. Shisen Tantanmen Aun Yushima Branch

3-25-11 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

4. Shinamen Hashigo Main Branch

This restaurant refers to tantanmen as dandanmen, and the soup of a standard bowl (800 JPY (incl. tax)) is made with tahini, a type of sesame paste, and soy sauce. The flavor is quite mild, so if you like it spicy you can order it "chuukara" (pretty spicy) or "ohkara" (very spicy). If you don't like yuzu citrus, be aware that they use it to accent the flavor, so they can leave it out if you request. A small bowl of rice is served as a side dish, so you can eat it with the leftover soup.

4. Shinamen Hashigo Main Branch

6-3-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

5. Kisurin Akasaka

This is a tantanmen specialty restaurant. Their main dishes are tantanmen (980 JPY (incl. tax)) and paiko tantanmen topped with curry-flavored deep-fried pork shoulder (1,240 JPY (incl. tax)). You can choose the spiciness from 5 different levels when you order. The restaurant's recommendation is "sankara," or level 3, for a delicious level of spiciness. You can order noodles cold ("hiyashi") or without soup ("shiru nashi"). Rice automatically comes with noodles, and you can get extra servings for free. They will also happily fill your request for a large topping of vegetables ("yasai oome").. This restaurant has superb hospitality.

5. Kisurin Akasaka

3-7-9 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Tantanmen originated from Szechuan in China, an area known for its spicy cuisine. The spiciness unique to tantanmen is full of flavor. Each restaurant has its own particular flavor along with the spiciness, so go and find your favorite.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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