A Great Deal! Discount Lunches at Luxury Sushi Restaurants in Tokyo

If you want to enjoy spectacular sushi at a high-end sushi restaurant, go during lunchtime. Although dinners at high-end sushi restaurants run between 10,000 JPY and 20,000 JPY, you can eat for a mere 1,500 JPY to 5,000 JPY at lunchtime. Here are five high-end sushi restaurants in Tokyo where you can enjoy lunch at a good price.

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1. Sushi Kanesaka Main Restaurant

This is the main location of the famous Ginza restaurant, Kanesaka, where you can watch the sushi masters show off their skills across an L-shaped white wood counter. The sushi starts at 26,000 JPY (excl. tax) at night, but at lunchtime, you can have 10 pieces of nigiri sushi, soup, a sushi roll, and a rolled omelet starting at 5,000 JPY (excl. tax). The sushi chefs here take the finest ingredients and follow traditional techniques to meticulously create outstanding sushi such as of shima-aji (white trevally) and of kuruma prawn with shiba shrimp oboro (seasoned ground prawn roasted and simmered without oil) sandwiched inside. Dedicated to achieving the perfect balance between the topping, rice, and wasabi, the sushi chefs create absolutely scrumptious sushi. Try the sushi at this world-famous restaurant!

1. Sushi Kanesaka Main Restaurant

2. Sushi Sasaki

Sasaki is famous as a restaurant that serves high quality maguro tuna. Although dinners cost around 20,000 JPY, lunch starts at the 3,000 JPY (incl. tax) range for seasonal nigiri sushi, 2,000 JPY (incl. tax) for Bara-chirashi which has sashimi on vinegar rice, and 5,000 JPY (incl tax) for Tokusei Bara-chirashi with deluxe ingredients. The nigiri sushi are on the small side and are characterized by firm, notably vinegary sushi rice. At lunchtime, the Bara-chirashi with pieces of the red meat from maguro tuna and a variety of other seafood is popular.

3. Seamon Ginza

Seamon Ginza is a restaurant with a 12-meter red counter where you can enjoy sushi in a stylish environment. The sushi is served with the toppings dipped in nikiri soy sauce (soy sauce, water, sake, mirin cooking sake, and dashi cooked together to evaporate the alcohol and create a soft taste appropriate for sushi). They use three different types of nikiri soy sauce to suit each ingredient. The nigiri sushi course dinner that includes appetizers made with seasonal ingredients start at 9,800 JPY (excl. tax), but the corresponding lunches start at a mere 3,800 JPY (excl. tax)! The lunch includes three appetizers, nine pieces of nigiri sushi, one sushi roll, a soup, and dessert. The restaurant has a welcoming atmosphere even for solo guests, so stop by!

4. Sushi Ishijima

Ishijima is a popular sushi restaurant in Shintomicho. Here, you can enjoy outstanding sushi in a stylish restaurant that was made by renovating an old residence. Dinners, when the sushi is served at a leisurely pace, starts at 20,000 JPY, but the incredible value at lunchtime (weekdays only) is phenomenal. Lunch starts at 1,500 JPY, which often creates lines out the door. The nigiri sushi is 1,500 JPY, and the bara-chirashi, which has the same ingredients as the nigiri sushi and is prepared after you order, starts at 1,500. Reservations are generally not accepted at lunchtime, unless you want the lunchtime Omakase Nigiri (4,000 JPY) set in which the chef chooses what to serve you. In that case, reservations can be made.

5. Sushihide

A dinner course at the high-end Yotsuya sushi restaurant, Sushihide, is usually about 12,000 JPY (incl. tax), but at lunch (weekdays only), the sushi can be enjoyed in the Nigiri Sushi 1-ninmae (1,300 JPY (excl. tax)), a set of sushi for one person, and Bara-chirashi (1,400 JPY (incl. tax)) range. The lunchtime Bara-chirashi is particularly popular, and is filling as pieces of fish left from making sushi are cut into large pieces and served. If you want your fill of nigiri sushi, the Nigiri Sushi 1.5-ninmae (1,600 JPY (incl. tax)) (a serving and a half) is recommended.

Please refer to this article to enjoy some lunchtime sushi!

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