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5 Selected Places to Find Delicious Fresh Juice in Tokyo

It’s hard to eat healthy while on holiday. Here are 5 selected stores with healthy juice for those who want to stay healthy even during their vacation.


1. Why Juice?

Why Juice?, located in Daikanyama, is a popular cold-pressed juice store. The cold-pressed method is a way to make juice without added liquid, using a special juicer that squashes the ingredients. Because the juice is made without heat, nutrients like enzymes and vitamins are preserved. Cold-pressed juice is becoming very popular for these benefits. Why Juice?'s concept is to offer a balanced diet. Thoughtfully prepared drinks are made with top quality domestic fruits and vegetables, and are blended for different purposes, like recharging or refreshing. Special drinks with seasonal fruits and vegetables are also available. Additionally, food options like the Veggie Wrap (780 JPY (incl. tax)), filled with plenty of vegetables, are perfect for vegetarians, or as a light snack.

2. ELLE café Shibuya Hikarie ShinQs Branch

ELLE is one of the most respected fashion magazinse in the world. ELLE café, inspired by the magazine, has a concept of gain health and beauty through food. Their cold-pressed juice that comes in 8 flavors is made with ingredients stocked from trustworthy producers. Many celebrities and models love ELLE café. ELLE café also offers smoothies, organic croissants, and various gluten-free sweets. Above all, their COYO must be tried. COYO is yogurt made with low sugar, organic coconut milk, and it's a recent trendy health food. There are four flavors to choose from, so please try them with juice and smoothies.

ELLE café

2. ELLE café Shibuya Hikarie ShinQs Branch

3. SUNSHINE JUICE Ebisu Branch

SUNSHINE JUICE is the only store in Japan to be approved for the brand "Cold-Pressed with Goodnature" by Goodnature Products, a company that manufactures cold-pressed juicers. Fresh domestic seasonal fruits and vegetables are selected for the ingredients. The juices are offered in 15 flavors, broken into four types. Green juices use leafy greens, while the beet types use beets as their base. The other and special types are blended with unique ingredients. Additionally, the slow-cooked gluten-free soup with plenty of vegetables is also recommended. You can take in your daily nutrient requirements with this soup. The motto of this store is “pop and unique” as an effort to make cold-pressed juice more familiar since it often has a high-class impression in Japan. This is a place you can casually visit.

3. SUNSHINE JUICE Ebisu Branch

4. Trueberry Hiroo Branch

Trueberry offers organic cold-pressed juices that supply nutrients like vitamins, minerals and enzymes that can often be lacking in one's diet. The juice of the day, always made with seasonal herbs, vegetables and fruits, is recommended. Their unique smoothies come in more than 20 flavors, and some smoothies include acclaimed high-nutrient superfoods. These smoothies can almost give you enough nutrients to cover your daily dietary needs. They also offer their famous raw sweets. Raw sweets are a healthy dessert, made without flour, eggs, or dairy products, and baked at less than 48 degrees.

*The photo is for illustrative purposes.

4. Trueberry Hiroo Branch

5. Sky High Juice Bar Aoyama Branch

Sky High Juice Bar is produced by a photographer seeking health and beauty both inside and out. The owner, a vegetarian, is convinced of the difference fresh juice can bring, based on her own experiences. In this juice bar, delicious cold-pressed juices, made with selected fruits and vegetables, are offered at a reasonable price. There are more than ten flavors, including a unique kind that uses spices like turmeric and fennel. Superfoods like acai and spirulina that are high in essential nutrients can be added. This juice bar offers beauty in a delicious cup.

5. Sky High Juice Bar Aoyama Branch

Fresh juice can be an efficient way to add some nutrients to your meals. Let’s revitalize in an easy and delicious way between sightseeing and shopping.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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