5 Recommended Child-Friendly Restaurants in Tokyo

There are a surprisingly small number of restaurants where parents can have a quiet meal when they have small children with them. Here are five restaurants that can be enjoyed by parents and children since they let you bring in baby food and have children's spaces. Japanese moms recommend them!

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1. Meikyu no Kuni no Alice

This restaurant will make you feel like you're Alice trapped in Wonderland. There are plenty of fun, exciting mechanisms available right fro the entrance that you can enjoy. Also, there are plenty of cute dishes that will make you squeal. Plenty of people bring their children, so please enjoy this restaurant as a family. You can also reserve a private room depicting Alice's Wonderland. This is a restaurant where adults can feel like kids again and enjoy it with their own children.

2. KICHIRI MOLLIS Shinjuku-dori

This restaurant has such a high-class, modern Japanese vibe that you'll feel as though you shouldn't bring children here. You're required to take your shoes off, so it's safe for children to run around. There is plenty of space separating the seats, and there are curtains separating the tables for optimum comfort. While they have plenty of dishes aimed towards adults, they also have a children's menu. For adults, the dish the chef is most proud of is the special roast beef. There is also a large menu of alcoholic and soft drinks. It's a relaxing dining experience that you can enjoy even with kids in tow.

3. Chano-ma Daikanyama

This cafe feels like it was made for people to bring children, thanks to the mattress sofa where babies that can't sit up yet can lie so you can eat your meal in peace. It's a relaxing space like no other. There are high chairs available, and you can bring in strollers. There's a nursing room, a diaper changing area, and hot water for milk. You can also bring in your own baby food. It's a cafe made specifically for mothers. *Children over 3 who don't order food will be charged 300 JPY.

4. Organic Cafe Lulu

This organic cafe is near Kiba Park, a large, lush area. Wearing shoes is forbidden inside this huge space with high ceilings. Video games are also forbidden. There are toys for children to play with, such as house sets and board games, as well as English picture books that they can read or have read. The floor is carpeted with artificial grass, and you can hear the laughter of children running barefoot in the playhouse. It's a great cafe where you can bring energetic children on rainy days. Adults can enjoy the organic dishes with children's voices as background noise. There are children's menus available based on their monthly age as well as kids' plates.

4. Organic Cafe Lulu

5. Cafe&Rotisserie LA COCORICO Ueno no Mori Sakura Terrace

At a glance, it may not look like a restaurant where children are welcome, but it is a Western-style izakaya (Japanese pub) that is located near Ueno Zoo that's constantly bustling with customers with kids. There are tables with incredibly comfortable sofa seats on one side. Children's seats are available and strollers are allowed inside. They can prepare children's meals for kids with allergies if they're informed in advance. The rotisserie chicken (3,132 JPY for a full bird) is ordered by most adults and it's loved by children as well. Their Belgian beers and wines are recommended. It's a popular restaurant near the station that's great for kids.

5. Cafe&Rotisserie LA COCORICO Ueno no Mori Sakura Terrace

If you try to eat with children in a restaurant with narrow tables, it is kind of difficult to relax, isn’t it? All of these restaurants are popular with Japanese mothers and their kids. Please try them the next time you come to Tokyo.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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