Five Stylish Cafes in Tokyo with Free Wi-Fi

People often worry about not having access to Wi-Fi when traveling. It would be such a waste of time to keep searching for Wi-Fi when there are cafes where you can use free Wi-Fi while relaxing. Here are five carefully selected stylish cafes in Tokyo that offer free Wi-Fi to their guests.

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1. Brooklyn Parlor SHINJUKU

Brooklyn Parlor SHINJUKU is a cafe located in Shinjuku that features fancy American-style decorations where you can enjoy music or books while relaxing with your food and drinks. Inside this cafe, the expansive space is filled with counter seats, round tables, sofas, and various other kinds of seats, so you can choose where you want to sit. However, there are limited seats with power outlets and you should ask the staff if you want such a seat. You can also use their Wi-Fi for free with no password needed. This cafe is popular for its delicious foods that are served in large servings, so you may need to wait during lunchtime and on weekends. It is recommended to either make a reservation online so you don’t have to line up or allow enough time to wait when you visit (reservations are not accepted for 12:00 pm – 5:30 pm, and reservations for Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays must be made at least a day in advance).

1. Brooklyn Parlor SHINJUKU


Located on the 2nd floor of Metro Plaza that is directly linked to the No. 13 exit of Shibuya Station, FREEMAN CAFE is a cafe you can visit without getting drenched when it rains. The expansive interior with a modern-retro vibe is surrounded by glass, giving it an extraordinary sense of space. Power outlets are available at the window seats, so you can also use your computer here. This cafe has a wide array of dishes and desserts, and you’ll be happy to know that lunchtime here is quite long, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm on weekdays. When you go inside, you will see a lot of people on their laptops, and with the pleasant music playing in the background, you can definitely sit back and relax in this space.

3. A971

A971 is a two-story cafe and bar that is located at the entrance of Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi. It is a cafe during the day and then it transforms into a standing bar at night. The 2nd floor is a cafe and dining bar where you can savor dishes that use farm-fresh ingredients. It has gained a reputation for being an extremely cozy cafe, and its window seats are quite popular. There are also large sofa seats that can fit groups. Their Wi-Fi is free, but not all seats have power outlets, so you have to request it if you need electricity. This place is also often booked for parties on weekend nights, so it would be best to check first before you come.

4. Cafe Asan

Cafe Asan is located underneath the elevated railway tracks connecting JR Akihabara Station and Okachimachi Station. When you enter, the numerous hammocks hanging from the ceiling will catch your eye. Many people come here to check out these hammocks, so it would be best to make a reservation if you will go there on weekends. Reservations must be done at least a day ahead as same-day reservations will not be accepted. Note also that reserved seats are only good for two hours. They have free Wi-Fi and power outlets available as well as iPads that you can use. The soufflé pancakes, which are this cafe’s specialty, take time to bake, so you have to order them early. This cafe has a system where you order at the counter, then wait for your food at your seat, which is when you pay.

5. TOKYO knowledge

TOKYO knowledge is a cafe that is just about a five-minute walk from Kaminarimon in Asakusa. It is a cafe by day and a bar that serves Japanese sake, shochu (white distilled liquor), and other alcoholic drinks at night. There are staffs who can speak English here, so it is frequented not just by Japanese guests, but by foreign tourists, too. This cafe is fully equipped with free Wi-Fi and power outlets. How about enjoying alcohol recommended by the staff while munching on original Japanese dishes?

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5. TOKYO knowledge

Drop by these fancy cafes, sit back and relax while surfing the Internet with their free Wi-Fi.

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