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5 Recommended Restaurants for International Cuisine in Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the greatest cities in the world for cuisine. There are therefore many restaurants that offer not just Japanese food, but delicious food from around the world. Here are 5 selected restaurants that we recommend.


1. Nefertiti Tokyo (Egyptian/Arabian Cuisine)

Nefertiti Tokyo is one of the few Egyptian and Arabian restaurants in Japan. In this restaurant, food cooked by a chef from 5 star hotels in Cairo, and a former exclusive chef to the Embassy of Egypt, can be enjoyed. There are various dishes, traditional, home-cooked and halal meals like shish kebabs (1,800 JPY), lentil soup, molokhia soup (both starting at 820 JPY), kushari (1,200 JPY), and tagine (1,800 JPY). Additionally, there are belly dance performances and shisha, for those who want an extraordinary experience.

1. Nefertiti Tokyo (Egyptian/Arabian Cuisine)

2. ERICK SOUTH (Indian Cuisine)

ERICK SOUTH, located in the Yaesu underground market of Tokyo Station, is a restaurant where authentic South Indian cuisine can be enjoyed. The dishes of this restaurant have plenty of vegetables with little fat, and boast the distinct flavors of their ingredients and spices. There are various styles of curry, like the orthodox Erick chicken curry (600 JPY (incl. tax)), vegetable curry, and seasonal curry. A popular selection of items from the menu are the set meals (from 1,080 JPY (incl. tax)). These come with different flavors of curry that you can select, basmati and turmeric rice, and salad. Biryani, a rice dish made with vegetables, meat or seafood, and spices, is also delicious. This is a highly recommended restaurant.

2. ERICK SOUTH (Indian Cuisine)

3. BAN-THAI (Thai Cuisine)

BAN-THAI is a restaurant located in Shinjuku’s Kabukicho, and is approved by the Thailand Ministry of Commerce. The a la carte menu is commonly priced within the 800 to 1,500 JPY range, and even at this low price all the dishes such as gapao rice, pad Thai, and tom yum goong, are delicious. Poo pad pong curry is another delicious dish, using crab stir-fried with curry. Everything offered at this restaurant has a profound and addictive flavor and spiciness. The reasonable lunch menu, priced around 1,000 JPY, is also recommended. An English menu is also available.

4. My Le (Vietnamese Cuisine)

My Le is a perfect restaurant for those who would like to taste authentic Vietnamese cuisine. This is a popular, long-established restaurant, located close to Kamata Station. My Le offers delicious food with plenty of vegetables, like the Vietnamese-style sandwich banh mi, pho, salad, and fresh spring rolls. Fresh shrimp spring rolls (680 JPY for 2 rolls) is particularly popular for its delicious texture of plump prawn and crispy vegetables. This restaurant becomes full very quickly, so we recommend making a reservation when visiting.

4. My Le (Vietnamese Cuisine)

5. Le Maghreb Chandelier (Moroccan Cuisine)

Le Maghreb Chandelier is a Moroccan and Mediterranean restaurant located in Nishi-Azabu. The interior of this restaurant is decorated with Moroccan ornaments, creating an authentic atmosphere. Popular dishes on their menu are the chicken tajine (2,300 JPY), vegetable couscous (from 2,100 JPY), and kebabs (from 1,900 JPY). Dishes offered in this restaurant are made with seasonal ingredients and unique spices, and have a standard of quality that would meet even the exacting standards of their homeland. The reasonably priced daily special Moroccan lunch (1,000 JPY, with soup and salad) is available on weekdays. This lunch menu may suit those who are trying Moroccan cuisine for the first time.

*The photo is for illustrative purposes.

5. Le Maghreb Chandelier (Moroccan Cuisine)

When you visit Tokyo, please consider enjoying not just Japanese food, but also food from around the world.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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