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5 Incredibly Delicious Recommended Sweets in Tokyo

Tokyo, a city full of different types of food, has plenty of shops offering super delicious sweets. Here are 5 to check out.


1. Ginza Senbikiya

Ginza Senbikiya offers popular sweets made with the best fruits of the season. The main branch in Ginza is an airy, bright, elegant shop.
They offer many items, like fruit parfaits, fruit sandwiches, and cakes as well as light meals. Some particularly lauded options are their seasonal fruit parfaits, like mango in the summer and strawberry in the winter. For people who want to eat different kinds of fruits, consider the Ginza Parfait (1,728 JPY (incl. tax)). The harmony of the seasonal fruits, whipped cream, and sherbet is delicious, and you'll definitely become happy with just one bite.


RYOCO is a Western sweets take-out shop in Takanawa. They offer products like wedding cakes with great detail as well as baked goods and chocolates, all of which are perfectly sweet. You might waver over what to pick, but their popular products are their rich Terrine Chocolate made with sponge cake, whipped cream, and plenty of chocolate, as well as their Japone made with seasonal fruits. It would be good to pick based on appearance so you can enjoy a delicious flavor you won't be able to forget! Cake costs around 500 - 600 JPY.

3. Toshi Yoroizuka

The famous patisserie shop in Ebisu, Toshi Yoroizuka, has both eat-in and take-out options. They're known for their gorgeous visuals and a variety of flavors. While they have a wide line-up available from standard sweets to their original pieces, why not try their cream puffs? The crispy puff and the sweet custard are enhanced by the fragrance of vanilla beans. Their recommended product is their chocolate mousse cake called Jean Pierre. Cake costs around 500 - 600 JPY.


THEOBROMA is a handmade chocolate specialty shop in Tomigaya. While they focus on chocolate, they also have cake and baked sweets, as well as light meals that you can have in their cafe area.
Along with truffles, they have plenty of chocolates you can only find here. For example, their Caviar (1,728 JPY (incl. tax)) makes high-class French couverture chocolate look like caviar and serves it in a cute can. They also have chocolates using Japanese ingredients like shochu (distilled liquor) and yuzu (seasonally limited). This is definitely one stop for chocoholics.

5. a tes souhaits!

A tes souhaits! is a western sweets take-out specialty shop in Kichijoji started by an owner-chef inspired by French sweets who wanted to offer specially created cakes and breads. All of their cakes are highly acclaimed, but among them their oblong, distinguished Mont Blanc (620 JPY) is so popular it often sells out in the morning. It's a luxurious item that uses both Japanese and western chestnuts. It's only available from mid-September to mid-May, so it's something that visitors during that period should definitely check out.

Reward yourself for working hard! Please try delicious, popular sweets while chatting with a friend!

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