Now This is the Authentic Flavor! 5 of Tokyo’s Famous Sushi Shops

At long last, you're in Japan. Therefore, you should savor some authentic seasonal sushi toppings! Here are some famous and popular restaurants in Tokyo, some of which are Michelin certified.

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1. Ginza: Sukiyabashi Jiro Honten

This well-known restaurant has been a holder of 3 Michelin stars for 8 consecutive years. Procuring around 20 different kinds of neta (the seafood used for sushi ingredients) from Tsukiji, referred to as "Tokyo’s Kitchen", each piece sushi is molded at a carefully controlled, moderate temperature so you can enjoy its genuine flavors. There are only 10 counter seats available so a reservation is required (phone reservations only). The chef's choice course is from 30,000JPY (tax-excluded).
※It’s required that you confirm the dress code and how to eat sushi via the website.

1. Ginza: Sukiyabashi Jiro Honten

2. Sushi Saito

This restaurant has been a holder of 3 Michelin stars for 6 consecutive years. There are only 8 seats with a private room of 7 seats so it’s completely on a reservation basis. In addition to being a well-established restaurant that produces an unmistakable flavor, the personality of the owner Mr. Saito is a main contributor to its popularity. For nighttime, due to an overflow of bookings, reservations need to be made roughly half a year in advance. So as soon as you decide on your trip, be sure to make a reservation right away. Lunchtime is from 10,000JPY (tax-excluded) and night time is from 20,000JPY (tax-excluded) approximately.

3. Sushi Isshin

If you have plans to go sightseeing in Tokyo’s Asakusa area, how about making reservations at “Sushi Isshin”? The Asakusa-raised boss (who is the restaurant’s head chef among other things), molds sushi with a superb flavor, making the restaurant a regular in the Michelin Guide. On the menu, there is “nigiri” (from 6,000JPY tax-excluded) and one-plate meal (which you can order each item separately for simple dining). However, the "chef’s choice" course is recommended as it has both nigiri and one-plate meal so you can enjoy both (from 15,000JPY tax-excluded). A polite and refined sushi restaurant with cuisine you can enjoy many times to your heart’s content.

3. Sushi Isshin

4. Harutaka

The restaurant Harutaka is named after its owner. The sushi artisan acquired his training at the aforementioned “Sukiyabashi Jiro” restaurant, creating sushi of the finest quality. The moment it enters your mouth, the balance of the carefully-selected, high quality sushi toppings and the vinegared, salted rice explodes with flavor. Finishing up are nibbles brimming with originality that you can enjoy together with sake. The chef’s choice course starts from 20,000JPY tax-included so budget for around 30,000JPY.

4. Harutaka

5. Sushi Dai

The last to be introduced is located in the world’s best wholesale market Tsukiji, and is said to be the number 1 restaurant there, “Sushi Dai”. The toppings’ degree of freshness and cost performance as well as the friendly, sociable staff who freely use foreign languages has garnered high reviews both inside and outside the country. The standard “chef’s choice” comes with 10 pieces of nigiri along with a maki roll (rice and toppings packed and rolled into seaweed and cut into bite-sized pieces), eggs as well as one item of your choice for the astonishing price of 4,000JPY (tax not included). No matter when you go there will be a line so prepare yourself. However, having to wait for such a long time makes this superb sushi a must-eat.

There are all sorts of Japanese sushi, served in a wide variety of sushi restaurants from kaitenzushi to high class ones. Try for yourself and savor the unique flavors of these well-known restaurants.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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