Enormously Popular Through Word of Mouth! Top 5 Resort Hotels to Try in Shizuoka

Shizuoka is a place that is easily accessible from Tokyo. There are many popular hotels in this area, so you are guaranteed a pleasant time while enjoying nature, such as the sea and mountains. Below are five resort hotels that have been receiving rave reviews from guests.

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1. Hotel Village Izukogen

Hotel Village Izukogen is a resort hotel in the Izu Kogen (Izu Highland) area where all the guest rooms have a view of the ocean. Here, the rooms are in condominium-style, with separate living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom, so you can stay with a feeling of privacy. The suite room at the top floor with a wonderful panoramic view is fitted with a bath that has a superb vista of nature below. The open-air bath inside the property that is filled with free-flowing hot spring water also offers a view of the sea. There is also a restaurant that serves creative seasonal dishes that use the bounties of Izu’s mountains and seas, as well as an indoor pool that is open throughout the year. Wi-Fi is free in the guest rooms. There are staff who can speak English and Chinese.

2. Chateau Le Fleur

Chateau Le Fleur is a hotel that is run by a Japanese couple who lived in the UK for more than 40 years. This hotel takes pride in its food, serving full-course traditional homemade British dishes. From appetizers to desserts, guests will be treated to various dishes that are specially handmade from scratch. In the morning, guests are served Japanese, Western and Chinese breakfast dishes incorporating organic vegetables cultivated from the hotel’s own farm. There is a total of 12 guest rooms that emphasize cleanliness, including twin rooms with two beds, Japanese rooms and Japanese-Western rooms. There are also five private baths that can be rented inside the property, where guests can enjoy the hot spring in their own private space. There are staff who speak English and Chinese.

3. Ippon no Enpitsu

Ippon no Enpitsu is recommended for those who want to stay in a reasonably priced hotel in Izu Highland. This is an inn where guests get to stay without meals, except breakfast service. It offers a superb view, so guests can fully enjoy gazing at the beautiful ocean from the huge windows in their rooms. There is a large kitchen area (with charge) that is equipped with cookware, large refrigerator and tableware, so you can cook your own meals. There are also various musical instruments in the lobby, making this hotel truly unique. You might also be glad to know that there is a free drink corner offering tea and coffee. Wi-Fi is free in all public areas.

4. Resort House All The Way

Resort House All The Way is a lodging spot that is located in Kawazu-cho on the east coast of Izu Peninsula, where you can enjoy magnificent natural sceneries created by the seas, rivers and mountains. There are open-air baths that can be rented for a more private soak in the fresh hot spring waters to refresh your exhausted body after traveling. This spot is also enjoying rave reviews for its dinner course that comes with sashimi of fresh local fish, nitsuke (vegetables simmered in soy sauce) and other Japanese dishes. The guest rooms here are Western-style rooms and have single beds. There are rooms for single up to triple occupancy. Wi-Fi is free in public areas. Smoking is not allowed in the property.

5. The Key Highland Izu

A resort hotel located at the foot of Mt. Omuro in the Izu Highland, The Key Highland Izu is a place where you can enjoy an extra special time that will unleash your mind and body while gazing at the beautiful terrain created by the volcano, the calm sea where Izu Shichito Islands float, and the clear starry sky at night. All the guest rooms here offer an ocean view. For those who want a more luxurious time, you might want to stay in the suite room that comes with an open-air bath or a bath with a view. You can enjoy the hot spring water in the bathrooms inside each guest room and in the open-air bath that can be rented inside the property. For dinner, guests are served creative kaiseki (traditional Japanese course cuisine with tea) that offers dishes made using seafood and highland vegetables that were bred and cultivated in Izu’s rich nature. You will get to enjoy a variety of dishes that demonstrate the fine skills of the hotel’s chefs. Wi-Fi is free throughout the property. There are staff who can speak English. Smoking is not allowed in the entire property.

Please use this as your reference when choosing accommodations for your visit to Shizuoka.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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