You’ll Want to Take Photographs! 5 Scenic Spots in Shikoku

Shikoku is an island made up of the four prefectures of Kochi, Tokushima, Ehime, and Kagawa. It is full of nature, from the Seto Inland Sea to mountains and rivers, so there are lots of scenic areas in the region. Here are 5 recommended scenic spots to check out!

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1. The sunrise over Kure Bay (Kochi)

Kure Bay on the coast of the Pacific Ocean is famous for having a beautiful sunrise. The rising sun paints everything in orange, creating a beautiful contrast with the lighthouse, island, and fishing boats that's perfect for a photograph. Also, during the early morning especially on sunny winter days with a northwestern wind, sea fog from the Kure River mouth hovers over Kure Bay to create a ghostly sight.

1. The sunrise over Kure Bay (Kochi)

2. Miyoshi's sea of clouds, Hachigokiri (Tokushima)

Hachigokiri is the name of the sea of clouds that appears in Miyoshi along the Yoshino River. The Yoshino River is a lush river that runs at the bottom of the valley, and due to the unique shape created by being surrounded on all four sides by verdant forest, the fog rises like an ocean. It's a very rare place where you can see the sea of clouds more than 70% of the year.
During times when the temperature is rapidly changing, such as between spring and summer or summer and fall, the fog creeps up from the river to create a mysterious sight.

2. Miyoshi's sea of clouds, Hachigokiri (Tokushima)

3. Mimidodake (Ehime)

Mimidodake is a beautiful carving created by nature. It's a large, strangely-shaped rock standing tall over the people enjoying camping and barbecuing in the summer on the riverbank . It's 37m tall, 137m wide at its widest point, and 237m long. It's made from limestone, so it looks different depending on how the sunlight hits it. You can see it from the highway, but if you want to personally experience its size, you should head down to the river.

4. Great Seto Bridge (Kagawa)

This is a famous bridge in the middle of the Seto Inland Sea that connects Honshu (Japan's mainland) via Okayama and Shikoku via Kagawa. It's actually made up of 6 bridges and connects 5 different islands over 9.4km by way of suspension bridges and cable-stayed bridges.
The Seto Ohashi Memorial Park in Sakaide lets you see the bridge from up close and is also home to various facilities like an exhibition of documents relating to the bridge's construction and the Seto Ohashi Tower where you can have a 360 degree view of the bridge and the Seto Inland Sea.

4. Great Seto Bridge (Kagawa)

5. Honen'ike Dam (Kagawa)

This arched dam is registered as an important cultural property because of the value its architectural style holds. It's 145.5m long and 30.4m tall. The dam, which has been hit by wind and rain for close to 80 years, has a wonderful appearance that makes it look like an old castle. The surface of the water works in harmony with the mountains surrounding it for an enjoyable sight all year round.
It's visited by tourists all year round, but the act called "yurunuki," when they discharge the water in the summer, is popular and considered a herald of the season.

Shikoku has plenty of scenic spots, from natural sites that seem like miracles or scenery created by human calculation. Please take your camera and get your best shot!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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