Top 5 Hotels in Shikoku with Superb Views

Shikoku is increasingly becoming popular among tourists visiting Japan. Composed of Kagawa, Tokushima, Ehime, and Kochi Prefectures, it is a region that is rich in nature, such as seas and mountains. Below are five carefully selected inns and hotels in Shikoku that offer magnificent scenery.

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1. Setouchi Retreat Aonagi (Ehime)

Setouchi Retreat Aonagi is a hotel that is perched on top of a small hill overlooking the Seto Inland Sea. It offers a gorgeous view of the sea, where more than 500 small and large islands float, and verdant mountains. The building was designed by the world-famous architect, Tadao Ando. There are only seven guest rooms in this hotel, all of which are suites. The maisonette-style room, THE AONAGI SUITE, is located on the top floor, so it has a gorgeous view of the landscape below. This hotel has all the amenities you might need, including a deck pool whose edge looks like it is connected to the Seto Inland Sea, as well as a heated pool, hot spring, jacuzzi, and sauna. Wi-Fi is free and available throughout the hotel. English-speaking staff are available.

2. Iya Onsen (Tokushima)

Iya-dani (Iya Valley) is a secluded area that is full of nature. It is home to a beautiful and steep V-shaped precipice, as well as a river that seems to wind in and out of the precipice. Iya Onsen is an inn from which you can marvel at this grand scenery. Its open-air bath with free-flowing hot spring water is located at the bottom of the valley, so you can soak in the hot spring while gazing at the valley up close. It also has a private open-air bath that can be rented, so you can enjoy the pleasant hot spring and gorgeous view to your heart’s content. You can also marvel at the beautiful scenery when you go down the valley using the dedicated cable car. There are five types of guest rooms available here, and of those five, the rooms annexed to an open-air bath with a panoramic view of the valley, as well as the rooms attached to a bath overlooking the landscape, are highly recommended. Smoking is prohibited throughout the property. Wi-Fi is free and available in all of the guest rooms.

3. Auberge de Oishi (Kagawa)

This is an auberge (French-style inn) where you can enjoy picturesque views of the stunning Seto Inland Sea. There is a mountain looming behind this inn, creating an impressive contrast between the green trees, blue sky, and white walls. This inn opened as a French restaurant in 1998, and then transformed into an auberge in 2005. It takes pride in its authentic French dishes that incorporate local ingredients. There are only five guest rooms available here, which all face the sea and have a terrace with a gorgeous view. The suite room with a roof deck is highly recommended. Wi-Fi is free and available in all of the guest rooms. There are staff who can speak English and French.

4. Tenku Hotel Kairo (Kagawa)

Tenku Hotel Kairo stands on top of a small hill at the west corner of Shodoshima Island. Here, guests are treated to gorgeous views that constantly change, such as the blue sea illuminated by the sun, and the water and sky that are dyed orange during sunset. There is a public bath and open-air bath where you can blissfully soak in the hot spring while marveling at the beautiful scenery. Almost all of the guest rooms have a view of the ocean, including the Japanese-style rooms with a modern design, the relaxing twin rooms, and the suites with their own private bath where guests can gaze at the sea. Wi-Fi is free and available in all of the public areas.

5. Sanyoso (Kochi)

Sanyoso is a hot spring resort where you can relax while gazing at the sea that spreads right before your eyes. Behind this hotel is an area that is surrounded by vast nature with towering mountains. At the enormous public bath inside this hotel, you can fully enjoy natural hot spring water, which will feel gentle to the skin. Their open-air bath has a Japanese garden, so you can soak in a hot spring while resting your eyes on the relaxing garden. You can also see the sea from the footbath that is set up right next to the entrance of the hotel. All the Japanese-style guest rooms in the main building have ocean views. Wi-Fi is free and available in all the public areas. They have staff who can speak English.

Bask in the quiet and luxury by staying in a hotel where you can enjoy wonderful scenery!

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