Shikoku is an area made up the four prefectures of Tokushima, Kagawa, Ehime, and Kochi. It's surrounded by sea and mountains, and it's an area where you can fully enjoy the bright sunshine and lush nature. The transparent ocean, the clear water and air, the lush mountains and babbling rivers come together to greet visitors.
In recent years, there has been a rise in foreign tourists challenging the Shikoku Pilgrimage so it's becoming known as a spiritual island. There are many places to enjoy nature, including the Naruto whirlpools in Tokushima that are considered to be some of the biggest in the world; Ritsurin Garden in Kagawa, a garden with 3 Michelin stars that's registered as a National Site of Scenic Beauty; Ehime's Dogo Onsenkyo, one of Japan's oldest hot spring regions; and Kochi's Shimanto River, said to be Japan's last clear stream. Because Shikoku is blessed with both ocean and mountains, there are many special Shikoku products, such as sudachi (type of citrus) and Naruto Kintoki sweet potatoes from Tokushima; a large variety of mandarin oranges from Ehime; sanuki udon from Kagawa, where you can enjoy an eating tour; and seared tuna, a gorgeous meal traditionally made by fishermen in Kochi that has a fun warayaki (grilled in straw) performance. You can enjoy delicious food all throughout the year. In the summer, they hold what is called Shikoku's two biggest festivals, the Awa-Odori in Tokushima and the Yosakoi Matsuri in Kochi, so it's a great time to visit since the cities will be very lively.



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