5 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Miyagi Accessible from Sendai

Miyagi is home to a host of breathtaking places. Here are 5 beautiful places to visit in Miyagi that are easily accessible from Sendai, the prefectural capital of Miyagi.

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1. Matsushima

Known as one of Three Views of Japan, Matsushima is a collective name given to the big and small islands (roughly 260 in total) in Matsushima Bay and the hills surrounding the bay. From the sunrise to the night view, it shows a lot of different faces, and has been the inspiration for many poets from the ancient times.
There are four major observatories such as "Shidaikan" on top of the nearby mountains, where you can have a full view of Matsushima from all four directions. It is also recommended to view the islands on a cruising ship. Apart from the islands, there is a lot to see in the area such as famous temples and ruins and a nature park with neatly organized paths.

2. Okama

"Okama" is a crater lake with vivid and stunning emerald green water. It is located in the center of three peaks including Mount Zao and Katsuta Peak. The contrast of lake that changes its beautiful color by every angle and the rocky crater walls generates a mystical atmosphere. The lake water is so acidic that no living creature can survive there. The water temperature drops to 2°C (35.6°F) at about 10m deep, but then goes up again when going deeper. A lake like this is called "bi-temperature water layer" and there are only a few lakes in the world with such a rare feature.

3. Akiu Great Falls

Akiu Great Falls is one of Three Waterfalls of Japan and listed on the nationally designated places of scenic beauty. With 6m in width and 55m in height, the view of water falling with a thunderous sound is visually stunning. You can go down to the plunge basin through a path. With water splashing everywhere, looking at the great falls from the bottom is quite a view. There are also a couple of things to see around the waterfall such as Akiu Great Falls Fudoson Temple and a botanical garden.

4. Homei 48 Waterfalls

"Homei 48 Waterfalls" is located in Hirose River that runs along with Japan National Route 48 which connects Sendai and Yamagata. It is a series of big and small waterfalls runs between woods, looking like a beautiful painting. The name Homei is said to come from the belief that the various sound that each waterfall makes sounds like the tweet of a mythical bird, Ho-o (Chinese phoenix). Enjoy the refreshing sound and beautiful scenery there. There is a path between the parking area and the waterfalls, so you can enjoy the hike through the forest!

5. Banji Rock

Banji Rock is also a nationally designated place of scenic beauty. With the height of 80m-150m, the cliff extends to over 3km in length and looks like a gigantic folding screen made of rocks. There are some waterfalls in the cliff and in spring and fall, the place fascinates people with its natural beauty of new green leaves and fall color.

These natural places will help you with relaxation and inspire you with the overwhelming beauty. Why don't you see these beauties yourself?

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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