Sendai, in Miyagi, is the biggest city in the Tohoku region. The ruins of Sendai Castle, built by the famous warrior Date Masamune, is a major part of Japanese history. You can enjoy various hot springs like Akiu Onsen, Naruko Onsen, and Sakunami Onsen, or take day trips to one of Japan's top three scenic sights, Matsushima, or to Kesennuma Harbor, famous for shark fin soup. For cuisine, other than the famous beef tongue, Sendai has plenty of delicious dishes like oysters, harakomeshi (rice bowl topped with salmon and roe), zundamochi (sticky rice cake filled with sweet edamame paste), and sasa-kamaboko (fish paste in the shape of bamboo leaf). Every summer they hold the ancient Sendai Tanabata Festival, and the entire city gets decorated for Tanabata (Star Festival). There are lots of shops where you can try decorating the traditional craft called kokeshi, wooden dolls that are perfect for souvenirs. Please fully enjoy your trip to Sendai, the center of Tohoku!



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