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Stylish and Useful Kitchen Sponges at MUJI

MUJI offers a selection of bedding, clothing, and miscellaneous items with simple designs. It’s the perfect store for those who want a minimalist lifestyle in a clean, refreshing surrounding. But did you know about the MUJI products that, while they might seem plain and simple, are at the same time quite fashionable and unique?

A Simple Sponge That’s Quick Drying and Creates a Rich Lather

This simple yet stylish item is called “Urethane Foam 3 Layer Sponge” (150 JPY (incl. tax)).

It’s made of 2 different layers of urethane foam: a small, fine layer that creates a nice lather and retains foam, and a large layer to ensure that the sponge dries quickly. The last layer is made of non-woven nylon, which is suitable for scrubbing those pesky hard-to-wash spots.

This rectangular sponge has a width of 6cm, a length of 12cm, and a height of 3.5cm, a great size for washing the nooks and crannies of a glass or lunch box, and for fitting perfectly into your hands.

Mixed Online Reviews

If you look at the reviews on this sponge online, you’ll see many reviews claiming that it’s great at creating a good lather and dries up really well. There are also comments stating that it’s nice to have a white sponge as opposed to the many colorful kitchen sponges typically on sale elsewhere. With these reviews, you can tell that it’s a popular product.

We purchased the sponge and tried it out for ourselves, and it was just as the reviews said – it foams up really well, is a good size for your hand, and it was easy to wash dishes with it.

However, there are also customers who bring up points of concern, such as the durability. There are several comments saying that the sponge already becomes raggedy after using it for about 2 weeks. In addition to that, if you wash something with dark colors like curry, it stains the sponge. There were also reviews complaining about leftover bits of food getting stuck in the large urethane foam layer, so it seems there are many pros and cons to this sponge. Although, if you wash off the bits of food or curry stains sticking to the dishes before using the sponge to wash them, it should prevent the sponges from staining to an extent.

As for durability, there doesn’t seem to be any way to improve on this, but if you’re someone who changes sponges every 2-3 weeks anyway, then it shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Mixed Online Reviews

Personally, we think that the white color of the sponge feels very refreshing and clean, and considering the amount of lather it creates and the easy-to-handle size, it’s an excellent and convenient item. Each pack includes 3 sponges and is sold at a price of 399 JPY (incl. tax), so check it out if you’re interested.

*The information in this article is accurate as of November 7, 2018.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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