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Useful Washable Clothes Case from MUJI

At MUJI, there are a wide selection of food products and lifestyle goods with user-friendly and simple designs. I carry around a MUJI backpack every day and I often check the store to see what products they have. Read more to hear about an item I bought recently that was extremely useful!

Compact Bag for Laundry

The item I’d like to talk about is the “Washable Clothes Case, Blue 26X40X6.5cm” (1,490 JPY (incl. tax)).

This clothes case is made of the same material used to make laundry nets. After you come back from a trip, you can throw this case into the laundry machine as is and wash your dirty clothes. There are 2 colors available: red and blue. I chose the blue one.

Coincidentally, I had a trip scheduled for the end of the year, so I got to put it into action.

A Simple But Easy-to-Use Item

When you don’t have any clothes in it, you can fold it so it’s nice and compact, like the picture above. It unfolds into a large-sized net case, and it looks like you can store a lot of different things in it. To test it out, I put in a towel and a hand towel, but it looks like there’s still room for more!

I took it with me on a 2-night 3-day trip. I stored the clothes I wore from each day in it: 3 shirts, 3 underwear, and 3 socks. It all fit into the bag with no problem, and there was still enough space to fit a few more articles of clothing.

What I really like about it is that you can easily separate your clean clothes and laundry within your suitcase. It’s also great that you can just toss the bag directly into your laundry machine after you get home. It might be simple, but it’s really great!

By the way, I looked up what people were saying about it online, and there were people who used it for non-travel related situations too, like when they go to public baths or while they’re hospitalized. They collect all their laundry in the bag, then wash it at a coin laundry.

There were other reviews suggesting to use it to separate and organize your clothes inside your dresser since it’s easy to check what’s inside the bag.

A Simple But Easy-to-Use Item

If you have difficulties storing your clothes during your travels, be sure to give this a try!

*The information in this article is accurate as of December 30, 2018.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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