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Enjoy Authentic Risotto with the “LIGHT MEAL” Series from MUJI

MUJI sells a wide variety of popular products. The brand is especially known for its foodstuffs, such as curry, pasta sauce, baumkuchen segments, and more. Did you know there is another popular series of food items made by Muji?


This popular series is called the “LIGHT MEAL” series (190 JPY each (incl. tax)). With this series of freeze-dried meals, you can satisfy your hunger just by adding hot water, so you don’t have to worry about cooking! Currently, the series consists of the following six items:

・Light Meal: Chicken Rice-porridge
・Light Meal: Ishikari Rice-porridge
・Light Meal: Adductor & Seaweed Rice-porridge
・Light Meal: Whitebait & Laver Rice-porridge
・Light Meal: Spinach & Fried Eggplant Tomato Risotto
・Light Meal: Mushroom Cheese Risotto

As you can see from looking at the list, over half of the series consists of rice-porridge items, but this article will focus on the 2 risotto items: “Spinach & Fried Eggplant Tomato Risotto” and “Mushroom Cheese Risotto.” We tried these out ourselves, so keep reading to find out our thoughts.

Authentic Risotto in 3 Minutes!

The “Light Meal: Spinach & Fried Eggplant Tomato Risotto” is a full-flavored and delicious meal that blends the savoriness of fried eggplant with the acidity of tomato. The “Mushroom Cheese Risotto” variety features the luxurious blend of aromatic gouda and gorgonzola cheese. Each of these uses domestic rice from Japan. They couldn’t be simpler to make: Just add 80ml of boiling water, mix, and then wait 3 minutes.

First, we tried out the “Spinach & Fried Eggplant Tomato Risotto.” It was delicious, with the strong sweetness and acidity of the tomato really coming through. There was also plenty of spinach and fried eggplant, which lead to a great texture. Along with the smooth texture of cheese, we truly couldn’t believe that this meal was dehydrated and shrunken just minutes ago!

Next, we tried the “Mushroom Cheese Risotto”, which has an altogether different experience from the “Spinach & Fried Eggplant Tomato Risotto.” As soon as we poured the hot water into it, we were greeted by the amazing aroma of cheese, and we enjoyed the luxurious and creamy flavor from the first bite. If you could only taste cheese, you might get bored of the flavor, but luckily the flavor of the mushrooms stands out as well, as it consists of shimeji mushrooms and porcini mushroom paste. There are also red peppers inside, creating one dish with plenty of various flavors to enjoy.

Authentic Risotto in 3 Minutes!

Truthfully, one of these probably won’t be enough to satisfy you on its own if you are really hungry, but they are both perfect for a snack when you’re feeling slightly peckish. They are also great to take along with you if you are going camping during cold weather, or as an item to place in your emergency provisions kit. Please check these items out for yourself if you want to try making authentic risotto with just boiling water!

*The information in this article is accurate as of December 20, 2018.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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